10 Interesting Facts About Croatia

10. One of the most popular facts about Croatia is that King’s Landing was filmed in Dubrovnik’s old town. However, did you know that Split, one of the most up-scale cities in Croatia, was also used as the filming location for Meereen? Specifically, the amazing Fortress of Klis. Other famous Game of Thrones Filming locations include the beautiful walled medieval city of Dubrovnik, the island of Lokrum, St. Jacob Cathedral in Sibenik, and Krka National Park.

9. The world’s smallest town is located in Croatia. It’s named Hum and has its city walls, a church two small roads and a mayor. He’s elected once a year by all the men in the parish who carve their votes into a wooden stick.

8. Croatia is home to the largest truffle in the world. At 1.31kg it has a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Speaking of truffles, Croatia is also the best place in Europe to go truffle hunting. Istria of Croatia is overflowing with truffles, which explains why so many of their traditional foods include truffles! When you visit Buzet in Istria, you can organize a tour to go truffle hunting for the day yourself.

7. Croatia is a sunny country. Very sunny. In fact, it has more than 2715 hours of sunshine every year, which is even more than Australia.

6. Off the coast of Croatia, you’ll find a massive total of 1244 islands, islets, and reefs. Island hopping is a big thing in Croatia, and it’s clear to see why when there are so many. The interesting thing is that less than 50 are inhabited by people.

5. The Croatians built such a flawless sewage system 800 years ago that they’re still using it today. It’s also a testament to how untouched the city of Dubrovnik is that they not only have the same forts, walls, and buildings, but also the same unseen underground sewage system.

4. The beautiful beach, Zlatni Rat, changes shape when winds are strong enough. Zlatni beach, which is the most beautiful beach in Croatia, is shaped in a triangular shape and located on the island of Brac.

3. The seaside town of Brac, which is found in Dalmatia, is considered to have the best sunset in the entire world. So, if you’re looking for the world’s best sunset, head to Croatia.

2. 1 out of 10 of the landmass of this beautiful country is national parks. Within those national parks, you’ve got the incredible Plitvice Lakes, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site that consists of lakes, waterfalls, valleys, and hills. The water is shimmering turquoise and the area stretches on for miles in every direction. As well as Plitvice Lakes, you’ve also got Krka and Paklenica. Krka follows the Krka River and is most famous for its seven unique and beautiful waterfalls. Paklenica has less water and more land, with dense forests and deep valleys.

1. While it’s nothing to worry about, there are still active landmines left over from the war, scattered around the landscape. However, again, nothing to worry about. Any area that’s at risk of having live landmines is cordoned off, signposted, and you’re unlikely to suddenly find yourself in landmine territory.