10 Interesting Facts About Singapore – The Most Liberal Economy In The World

Here are some interesting facts about Singapore!

1. Despite a small population of 5.8 million people as of 2020, Singapore has the second largest population density in the world with 8358 persons per square kilometre. This is because Singapore is among the 20 smallest countries in the world, with a total land area of only 682.7 square kilometres. Don’t be surprised when we tell you, that The United States is about 15,000 times bigger than Singapore.

2. Singapore is one of only three surviving city-states in the world. The other two are Monaco and the Vatican City. Now, if you are wondering what a city-state is then let me clear your confusion. A city-state is an independent city which has its own government, economy and social system completely separated from nearby countries.

3. Singapore’s economy has been ranked as the most open in the world, 3rd least corrupt, most pro-business, with low tax rates and the third highest per-capita GDP in terms of purchasing power parity.

4. Chewing gum is banned in Singapore. Only those with medical prescription can chew gum!

5. There is a maximum limit to the height of buildings in Singapore, which is 280 meters. However, in 2016,  The Tanjong Pagar Centre, the height of which extends to 290m, was allowed to be constructed after some special permissions.

6. Singaporeans are the fastest pedestrians in the world, walking at a speed of about 6.15 kilometres per hour! Well, this is a kind of random fact but is still amazing to believe! You might want to check out a few such random facts that you maybe didn’t ever think of!

7. There is an actual law against not flushing the public toilet after using it in Singapore, and you will be fined $112, if you get caught. In fact, Singapore is very passionate about toilets! The government tabled a UN resolution to mark 19 November as the World Toilet Day, and in 2001, the World Toilet Organization came into being.

8. One out of every six people in Singapore has assets worth $1 million or more, which is higher than anyone else in the world.

9. Unlike all countries, there was no war or battle to help Singapore gain independence from Malaysia. In fact, Malaysia democratically voted to throw out Singapore as its colony!

10. Littering is a huge offence in Singapore. If found littering small items, you will have to pay $225 as fine. On the other hand, littering larger items like cans and bottles can earn you a Corrective Work Order, wherein you will have to wear a bright green glowing vest and clean up a certain specified area, to make you realize how tough it is for the sweepers and cleaners!

Well, this was all for Singapore! Do let us know how did you find these amazing facts on Singapore in the comments section below!