10 Interesting Facts About Tanzania- The Land Of The Enormous Kilimanjaro

Here are some amazing facts about Tanzania!

10. All special events and occasions of Tanzanian people need the preparation of huge, family-sized platters of food, like pilau, which is a local dish made up of potatoes, meat, and spiced rice. The cooks for these meals always cook a ton of food since it’s assumed very embarrassingly and shameful for guests to leave dinner hungry.

9. In Tanzania, people eat food from common plates with their fingers. One must wash their hands before and after meals, and one can only touch food with their right hand. For Tanzanians, the right is considered cleaner, and the left hand is dirty, symbolically. Tanzanians also always eat as a family. The food gets served on small, low tables, and diners sit on mats on the floor, much like the Japanese. Also, smelling the food is a big no, as this may cause the chef unwarranted embarrassment.

8. Even though they’re all over Africa, traditional healers, shamans, and witch doctors are most common in Tanzania. There are 75,000 registered traditional healers in the country. These are people who use plants and herbs for holistic, medical purposes. Over 80% of Tanzania’s population regularly uses traditional healers. If you want to see a shaman, make sure to find a genuine one. There are many fake healers out there trying to scam tourists.

7. Islam and Christianity are the majority of religions in Tanzania, where 35% practice Islam and over 40% practice Christianity. Islam is particularly popular on the coast, but it’s also practiced in the interior of the country.

6. Tanzanians love hip-hop music and have created Bongo Flava, which is an amalgamation of international styles like reggae, afrobeat, blues, rasta, and dancehall with local musical traditions like taarab and dansi.

5. Mpingo tree, found in Tanzania produces the costliest timber in the world. It has exceptional mechanical properties that make it perfect for carving and it has a beautiful finish.

4. Tanzania is a multilingual nation with many different languages. Swahili is the official language of Tanzania. However, English is widely spoken. A few simple words that you may include in your vocabulary are- hujambo is hello, kwaheri is goodbye, tafadhali is please and asante is thank you.

3. The world’s largest mammal migration takes place in Tanzania. Serengeti National Park is the oldest park in Tanzania and is another highly visited tourist destination. All of the big five can be found here like lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard, and rhino. In July and August, you can catch a glimpse of the great wildebeest migration. This is when millions of wildebeest, zebras, and antelopes cross the plains of Serengeti to search for fresh grass. Meanwhile, hungry crocodiles and predators wait in the river.

2. Also, if you are looking out to try new food, then Tanzania is the place! One can try to sample crocodiles, antelopes, and ostrich. Spices are a big part in the Tanzanian cuisine.

1. Apart from the amazing scenery, Tanzania is very well-known for its tree-climbing lions. The lions here can often be seen relaxing in acacia trees and have become quite adept at tree climbing. Watching these big cats, they can easily weigh 250 to 400 pounds. maneuver themselves up into the branches of a tree is quite a sight!

So that was all about Tanzania! You’d find these little explored facts about the world quite intriguing! Do let us know how did you find them in the comments section below!