10 Interesting Facts About Uzbekistan!

Here are some unique facts about Uzbekistan!

1. Uzbekistan is not only a land locked country. It is a double landlocked country meaning all the countries surrounding it are also landlocked. And to reach any coastline from Uzbekistan, one has to cross at least two countries. Liechtenstein is the only other country in the world which is double landlocked.

2. There are many superstitions related to bread. It is believed that turning bread upside down or placing it on the ground will bring you bad fortune. According to an ancient tradition, a family member has to take a bite from a small piece of Uzbek bread before departing on a journey. The remaining bread is then kept buried or hidden until the traveller comes home.

3. In Uzbekistan, handshakes are only acceptable to take place between two men. A man cannot shake hands with a woman. While greeting an Uzbek woman you should bow down to her with your right hand placed over your chest.

4. It is also a tradition in the country that the most respected guest should be seated farthest from the entrance of the house.

5. The Aral Sea lying between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan was once the fourth largest inland sea on Earth. However, from the 1960s, the lake has been gradually shrinking after the rivers were diverted to irrigate the cotton fields. Extensive use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers has further polluted the region. Today the lake has shrunk to half its former area and decreased by threefold in volume. The shrinking of Aral Sea has been called one of the planet’s worst environmental disasters.

6. Tashkent is one of the few cities in the world where you can enjoy the clear starry night sky as shown in the movies. This is possible due to the low amount of exhaust fumes in the area. This is just a little amazing fact about Uzbekistan, do check out a few more such interesting facts about countries!

7. One fun fact about Uzbekistan is that it is the only country in the world in which the names of all the neighbouring countries end in “stan”.

8. Cotton in Uzbekistan is known as “white gold” because the cotton industry is one of the most important sectors of the economy and cotton accounts for around 7% of the country’s exports. Infact, every year, around one million students, doctors and government employees are forced to work in Uzbekistan’s cotton fields to pick cotton for the government.

9. Uzbekistan has always been ruled by powerful empires. At one time it was part of the Persian Empire which was conquered by Alexander the Great in about 4th century BC. The region also was under the Mongols in the 13th century, when it was under the leadership of Genghis Khan. In 1925 the region fell under USSR, and it was known as Uzbekistan Soviet Socialist Republic.

10. The metro stations of Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan, are known for their beauty. There are three stations and each one of them has a unique design and theme. With marble ceilings and beautiful chandeliers, they are considered one of the most beautiful train stations in the world. Also, it is the biggest metro system in Central Asia. Riding in such a grand metro will definitely be fun.

So that was all for Uzbekistan. Do let us know how did you find these facts in the comments section below!