How To Increase Followers On Instagram

How to increase followers on Instagram? These days we often hear our friends and people around us who have business, blogging, accounts, artists, influencers, etc. struggling with making a presence & impact on social media to increase their reach and community and establish themselves. Well, if the right steps and points are taken care of, one can definitely have a huge following within a considerable span of time. So, let’s begin with a few tips on how to increase followers on Instagram.

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First, you need to focus on the username you decide for your account. A helpful technique to come up with a funky and interesting name is to use SEO tactics. Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic. For example, if your account is for an online cake shop, you must mention some specifics related to your speciality. For example, ‘only bread cakes’, ‘special cake in jar’. Now how will this help you? People finding bread cakes or cake in jar will be able to find you while they search for cake in jar hashtag, and your account through your post with the same hashtags will show up. After deciding upon the username, then comes the display picture which should gracefully compliment the theme and aesthetic of your account. Finally, coming to the bio of your account, which should be a combination of your business details, the purpose of your account, and a pinch of wit never harmed no one! The bio where you will be mentioning a few important and influential details which will make people follow your account.

When you start a public account, you already know about your requirement with respect to the customers or audience you want to be engaged with. This will not only help you focus on the kind of business you are into, and what kind of an audience are you looking for, in order to enhance your community. It is also important to know whether your market strategy included B2B or B2C, but how will it help you? It will not only help you increase your reach but also help you reach your potential customers. This will happen when you will have a clarity as to what kind of audience you want should have a look at your account. Being it the customers or the businesses as well in case you sell your product to retailers, this explains the B-B and B2C connect, where you are the business connecting to other businesses and customers.

Instagram is more about  growth through different techniques, strategies and innovation these days. Competitive analysis is something that needs to be kept in mind while planning your editorial calendar, which includes the schedule for all your posts and plans for it. Focus on your work, we are always told to do so, but be it study or even social media, while having an eye for analysing your competitor’s strategies, who you think have a solid, grown community, try to analyse their style, and keep those things in mind which might help you increase your reach as well.

While having an eye on your competitor’s strategies, just don’t get into it so much that you start copying their content and pattern, it’ll be of no use to you with further accusations of being a fake account in order. This is one of the most important points that a content creator should understand that is the originality of content. The content should not be forged and should be unique and creative. This will help you a lot while preparing your content if you consider yourself as one of the viewers, you will be able to analyze your faults and be a better judge for the same.

Just like we get a new gadget or something, and we try to explore it’s features in the best possible manner, similarly we must look after our Instagram account the same way as it is also our business that we are running through it. Hence, once you have figured out the kind and quality of content that you need to generate, next important thing is to focus on the Instagram Insights of your Business account, where it allows you to know the reach, profile visits, and a lot more. Once you understand this for your every post, whichever ones have a high reach and have been viewed more by the audience, try to share those posts more because it is a basic strategy of showcasing the thing or in this case your post which is much liked by people in order to expand the reach of your page.

Hashtags are a real player when we talk about increasing the reach for a person who wishes to increase their followers. You should not keep your hashtags quite basic and the usual ones for example #food, this hashtag won’t help because there already would be millions of posts with the same hashtag after every 5 seconds, hence your post won’t be able to make a difference and be on top and your post won’t make a presence then. Well for that purpose, you need to mix the hashtags and the target words a little which actually makes way for your post to reach the potential audience, for example #pastaatamaFor the ones who are new into the business on Instagram, did you guys know that you can even pay to some agencies and related stuff for marketing and promoting your page by increasing the number of followers. Well, it does help but I’m afraid it is only a short term solution. Many people on Instagram pay for the promotion of their page apart from the promotion of posts that is a feature offered by Instagram itself. But a person should always practice the original techniques, and methods that can be adopted by himself by understanding the requirement of the business and the platform.

Just simply uploading a post and sharing it on the stories with good hashtags, and captions aren’t enough in order to increase the reach and community. You must never forget the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the platform through which you can keep your page fun and entertaining for your audience so your community not only just likes your post but actually love your account or page. For example, the USP of Instagram can be the new feature of Reels, where with the latest update creators can record up to 30 seconds of video; the Live Shopping feature, when going Live, you can pin the product you are talking about so viewers can get familiar with its characteristics. If they like it, users can tap on it to view the product details page and buy them. Hence, keep your audience posted about every detail that is related to your page be it an achievement of reaching a level of followers or introducing anything new into the business. Try to display such important stuff on your page in the highlights section or the bio which is visible to even those who aren’t your followers yet.

This is also an important point that needs to be kept in mind while working on a particular platform, in this case, Instagram. Instagram is a social media platform which offers a number of features, which help people grow their audience and can also be used as a source of entertainment but for a business account it all depends on how do you take advantage of the new features introduced by the platform in order to again be trending.

The last point that we are going to discuss is that while having a public account, if it is a business that your page is about, you must get in touch with people through your page. Nobody likes to wait, hence, answer to their queries regularly within a reasonable time period, this definitely leaves an impression on the way you deal with your audience which ultimately leads to word of mouth. If your audience, customers are satisfied with your work, they’ll surely promote your brand.

Instagram never fails to surprise us. So, in order to enhance your business or your reach, keeping up with what’s new on Instagram can be quite a challenge if you don’t understand these well. If you comment or are even tagged in someone’s posts often, then there is a higher chance that you will end up in that individual’s “important” category. Hence, engaging with your followers is crucial if you want to grow on Instagram. Instagram wants to show its followers the latest and greatest, which means that keeping up with analytics will also help you measure other important metrics. Did you know? Currently, Instagram allows only over 10k followers and verified profiles to add links to their Stories.

So, this was all for Instagram hacks to increase your followers. Social media platform like Instagram is a kind that makes it all inter-related to each and every step you do using its features, starting from the name, it links to the bio, then the content. Content needs research, analyzing stuff and competitors, hashtags without which the post remains incomplete for sure. Paid promotion for followers is an option, but only in the short run, hence understanding and adapting to these things and making them work positively for you is all-important which will definitely help you increase your followers on Instagram!