10 Weirdest Laws From Around The World

Every country is different, and every country’s laws are different. Sometimes these laws may sound ridiculous and other times they point to important cultural values that might be different from your own. It would be good to know these especially if you travel a lot.

In this blog, we will see 10 weird laws around the world.

1. It’s Illegal To Chew Gum In Singapore

Sometimes we all suffer when fools break the rules. After vandals used chewing gum to mess with the Mass Rapid Transit system, the Housing and Development Board spent $150,000 a year cleaning gum liter. Singapore banned all gum substances in 1992.

2. It’s Illegal To Run Out Of Gas On The German Autobahn

Notorious for having dynamic speed limits that give drivers a chance to travel more than 100 miles per hour, car enthusiasts love trips along the German Autobahn. But, if you run out of gas, you could face a big fine. And don’t even think of walking to a gas station; you’ll get another fine for that!

3. It’s Illegal To Feed Pigeons In Venice

With thousands of pigeons descending upon Saint Mark’s Square and Venice, lured by the tourists readily handing out food in exchange for Instagram-worthy photos, Venice lawmakers officially made it illegal to feed the pesky fowl in 2008. It is said the cleanup from the birds cost each citizen €275 per year.

4. You Must Walk Your Dog Daily In Rome

If an owner in Rome does not walk their dog once a day at least they could be fined $625.

The law extends to goldfish as well. While they cannot be walked, they must have room to swim. Goldfish are not allowed to be kept in bowls and must, instead, have a full -sized aquarium.

5. No Selfies With Buddha In Sri Lanka

When you take a selfie with Buddha, you are turning your back on him. This sign of disrespect is punishable by imprisonment in Sri Lanka. It is also considered disrespectful to point your finger at Buddha, and sometimes there are bans on taking photos with the statues.

6. Illegal To Frown In Milan

In Milan, Italy, it is illegal for citizens to frown in public—unless they ’re at a funeral or visiting someone in the hospital. so don’t forget to keep a smile on your face while you’re out touring in Milan.

7. Flush Before 10:00 Pm In Switzerland

The curfew on flushing toilets after 10:00 PM is quite a strict regulation of Switzerland. Everybody, better finish their business before the clock strikes ten.

8. It’s Illegal To Dance In The Dark After Midnight In Japan

You can dance after midnight, as long as it’s not in the dark in Japan. Party goers wanting to get their groove on after the clock strike 12 need to do it in well -lit nightclubs.

9. It’s Illegal To Swear In The U.A.E.

Under Article 373 of the UAE Penal Code, “swearing disgraces the honor or the modesty of a person.”

This isn’t just for saying the inappropriate words aloud. It includes indecent physical gestures and extends to text messages and social media, as well.

10. You Must Hang Artwork In Wyoming Buildings

In the great state of Wyoming, any public building erected must have art displayed valued at 1 percent of the building’s costs (although not to exceed $100,000). The artwork has to be approved as art, so hanging a picture sketched on a Post-It won’t do.

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