13 Interesting Facts About Monaco

Here are a few facts about Monaco – The minute “Micro state”

13. Hollywood adores Monaco. Many Hollywood movies are filmed in Monaco. The country’s world-class casinos have served as the set of numerous movies, including James Bond films. The glamour and wealth associated with this city-state attract Hollywood film-makers to Monaco.  

12. For some time, Monaco has been making a living primarily from tourism. However, there was once a time where the numerous casinos generated a lion’s share of the state budget. Perhaps this is why Monaco has been a tax-free country since the 1780s.

11. Monaco has no airport, the country spanning an area of 2 sq. km is simply not large enough to have one. However, it has many helicopter pads, and allegedly a helicopter lands here on average every twenty minutes.

10. Monaco hosts one of the world’s most prestigious automobile races. It serves as the venue of the Monaco Grand Prix, a Formula One motor race that is held each year on the Circuit de Monaco. It is one of the world’s most famous motor car races.   

9. The only natural resource of Monaco is fish. Despite this, earnings per capita in this country is the highest in the world and amounts to $168,000 per resident.

8. Monaco is home to one of the world’s most expensive streets, which was once the priciest in the world. In 2008, the Wealth Bulletin, a Dow Jones site, named Avenue Princesse Grace the most expensive street in the world, with an average price of $17,750 per square foot.  

7. In 2017, the average home price in Monaco for a resale, was $5.5 million. In the seaside Larvotto district, one of Monaco’s most populous neighborhoods, the average resale price was more than $16 million.

6. Over 30 percent of the residents of Monaco are millionaires. But only roughly 6,000 out of the 40,000-population has Monaco citizenship. The rest are affluent people from other countries. According to the CIA World Factbook, no portion of Monaco’s population lives below the poverty line.

5. Monaco has more police personnel per capita than most other countries in the world. 515 men and women are part of this force, for a small population. The country has an area of only 2 square km and a population of approximately 38,000. Thus, Monaco has one of the largest police forces in the world on both a per-area and a per-capita basis.

4. More than 75% of Monaco’s residents are foreign-born. Only about 9,259 of Monaco’s 38,300 residents were born there, according to the principality’s official statistics.

3. Monaco does not allow its citizens to enter casinos in the country. They recognize the ill-effects of commercial gambling and do not allow their citizens to gamble within the country.   

2. Monaco is the world’s second-smallest nation after Vatican City, with an area of only 2.020 square km. Monaco has a 5.47 km long land border with France and a 3.83 km long coastline on the Mediterranean Sea. It is even smaller than Central Park in New York City.  

1.Did you know, that Monaco has no army of its own? In fact,  France handles its military protection!

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