13 Intriguing Facts About Finland!

Here are some amazing facts about Finland!

1. The latest UN report stated that Finland is now the happiest country in the world. The Nordic countries are in general always at the top, but Finland made a big climb this year from number 5 to number 1. Do check out these amazing facts about the country which is called the Happy Land, Yemen!

2. The Speeding fines in Finland are calculated on the violator’s total income. This means that millionaires can face fines of up to 100 000 when driving faster than the speed limit.

3. Finland also has the world’s highest annual consumption of milk per capita!

4. You’d be surprised by this fact about Finland, there are more Saunas than cars! Even Burger King in Helsinki has a Sauna.

5. As one of the most gender-equal countries in the world, nowadays this fact might not come as a huge surprise, but at the time they allowed women to vote back in 1906 made it the first ever country to do it.

6. In Finland when someone earns their Ph.d Degree, they get a top hat and a sword. Sounds interesting, right?

7. In Finland, they have ‘National Sleepy Head Day’, where the last person in a family to wake up is thrown into a lake or the sea by the rest of the family.

8. Finns are the world’s biggest coffee drinkers. The average Finn consumes an astonishing 12kg every year. Drinking eight cups of coffee per day would not be considered unusual in Finland.

9. Finland is known as the land of a thousand lakes. Yet in actual fact, the number is more than 187 times that, as it has around 187,888 lakes!

10. Did you know? Angry Birds isn’t the only worldwide smash to have originated in Finland. Nokia’s Snake–arguably the most influential mobile game ever–and Clash of Clans are also Finnish.

11. Finland is the only place in the world to meet the real Santa Claus. Although originally from Korvatunturi, the man in red now resides in Rovaniemi, Lapland, where he greets visitors all year round.

12. Finland’s coast boasts the world’s largest archipelago. It is difficult to get an exact number, but there are at least 70,000 islands, with over 20,000 of those being large enough for a small cabin or summer house.

13. Finland created a National Failure Day in 2010. It certainly sounds weird, yet it makes sense as it permits Finnish people to learn from their mistakes and not repeat them. It’s celebrated each year on October 13th.

So that was all for Finland. Do let us know how did you find these facts in the comments section below!