Is 17-Mile Drive Really 17 Miles?

The 17-mile drive is a road that passes through Pebble Beach in Monterey Country land and it is one of the most scenic road trips in California. This road is famous for its spectacular views adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. 

It connects Pacific Grove and Carmel through the sea, 17 Mile Drive should be your first choice for things to do in Monterey. It is also a good addition to the itinerary of Carmel, Pacific Grove, or Big Sur. The drive will take you to magnificent golf courses, mansions, and scenic spots, including Lone Cypress Trees and Bird Rocks, and Monterey Cypress Forest. 


Although you can complete the 17-mile tour in a few hours, we recommend that you spend as much time as possible because the short tour includes many things to see and do. You can even spend a whole day on this beautiful coast! Do take the map of the drive when you enter first. Refer to this helpful brochure describing the best spots, hotels, and much more about 17 miles drive.

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee for 17 Mile Drive is $ 10.75 per car. At all Pebble Beach Resorts restaurants, the fee will be refunded if you spend $ 35 or more. The entrance fee to the tourist bus is $ 5.25 per passenger. The 17 Mile Drive gate is opened from sunrise to sunset. Riding a motorcycle is prohibited.

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Is 17 Miles Drive Really 17 Miles?

17 Mile Drive is actually less than 17 miles at 16.78 miles and is fully paved. This road has a lane in each direction, which can be from north to south or from south to north.

When Is The Best Time To Come?

The best time to come to  17 Mile Drive is autumn or spring. It may rain in winter and the fog of the summer morning will continue into the afternoon, or worse, throughout the day. For the best chance of clear skies, go in the middle and late afternoon. 

How To Reach 17 Miles From The Following Locations?

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Drive approximately 4 miles from Pine Avenue in Pacific Grove to the 17 Mile Drive entrance. From here you will arrive at the gate where you paid and enter the pebble beach portion of the path. 

San Francisco

Drive on Highway 1 and get to the Pacific Grove exit. If you drive outside of peak hours, you will be at the 17 Mile Drive entrance in less than three hours. 

San José

Highway 1 gate is the best entrance from San José. Jump onto Highway 101 South, take Exit 336 and you will be on Highway 156. This trip will last about an hour and a half. 

Where Does The 17-Mile Drive Begin? 

There are five gates to 17 Mile Drive

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Pacific Grove Gate

If you are arriving from the area of  Monterey or Pacific Grove, this is the best option. To reach this gate, follow the highway through Pacific Grove south of Sunset Drive. 

Country Club Gate

This is also a famous gate, this entrance is from Forest Lodge Road, just beside Congress Avenue. 

Morse Gate

This gate can be entered from Morse Drive. It is just beside Highway 68, also called Holman Highway. 

Highway 1 Gate

This 17 Mile Drive entrance is located at Exit 399A. Take the second exit at the roundabout and follow the signs for Pebble Beach. 

Carmel Gate

 This is the south gate of Pebble Beach. You can reach this entrance through Carmel by the Sea along San Antonio Avenue.

Some Popular Spots Of 17 Mile Drive

17 miles drive has many enchanting and ravishing spots to stop, unwind and enjoy the views. It is specifically known for its pristine beaches.So do explore the below places which has been listed.

Spanish Bay Beach 

You will find this sprawling beach at the first stop. You can walk along the boardwalk or relax on the sand. This beach is also in front of a beautiful golf course, called Links of Spanish Bay

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Point Joe 

Point Joe is the next beautiful spot. You can enjoy the beauty of this rocky area and the waters, by taking a stroll or just lying on the beach.

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China Rock 

The next site I recommend is China Rock because it is an interesting historical site. It used to be the home of a small Chinese fishing village. Look closely at the rocks, because you can still see some cooking smoke from the late 19th century. 

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Bird Rock  

Bird rock is perfect for nature lovers. Due to a large number of birds in the area, this stop along the 17-mile avenue is called Bird Rock. It is also home to several sea lions and seals. Its rocky shoreline also offers excellent photo opportunities. 

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Cypress Point Lookout 

Cypress Point is another interesting place worth visiting. It has incredible views and is a great place to watch the sunset. It is also the westernmost point of Southern California and the borderline between North and South California.

The Lone Cypress 

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Lone Cypress is the most popular and beautiful spot along 17 Mile Drive. On a rock on the shore of Pebble Beach, there is a Monterey Cypress tree. It is estimated to be above 250 years. The tree was beaten in a major storm in 2019 when its smallest branch broke. However, it is still alive and as strong as ever.

This is a wonderful stop along this scenic driveway, and you will want to take pictures there because it is very famous. You will also see that this tree is part of the official Pebble Beach logo. 

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The Ghost Trees At Pescadero Point

Ghost Trees are unique in looks and have been historically relevant, their bark has been peeled off by the strong winds and heavy rains in the area. This area was once a famous but very dangerous surf spot. During your stay, be sure to watch the powerful waves below. 

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Pebble Beach Visitor Center 

Pebble Beach Visitor Center has more than 20 exhibits that can explain the history of the area in detail. It is also a retail store where you can find drinks and buy souvenirs from the trip. You can also check its interactive map to make sure you don’t miss any big spots as you navigate the 17-mile drive.

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Pebble Beach Golf Links 

This is a world-famous golf course, and you’ll often hear it when people mention “Pebble Beach”. This stop includes the opportunity to take a closer look at the greens. You can see the golfers on the first hole of the course. Several big events like US Open have been held over here.

These are the Best hotels of 17 miles drive: Lodge at Pebble Beach, Casa Palmero, The Inn at Spanish Bay.

Spend enough time to relish the sight of all of these wonderful and magical places during 17 miles drive. Get your camera ready and capture the beauty, you may also see all kinds of wildlife, from deer grazing on the golf course to sea lions near Bird Rock.

Have lunch at several restaurants at the Spanish Bay Hotel or Pebble Beach Lodge, or pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the panoramic view of Seal Rock. This is it for 17 miles, we hope that you will have an amazing holiday with lots of fun and memories.

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