20 Simple Psychological Tricks

Have you ever wondered what goes on in other people’s minds? Don’t you wish other people positively thought of you? With a few simple psychological tricks, this is possible. You can appear smarter, confident, and more likable if you follow these tips.

20. Eyes talk more than we think

It is said that our eyes are the doorway to our souls. Be careful where you look, because darting eyes are a dead giveaway that you’re bored. Similarly, if someone closes their eyes while they are speaking to you, this means they are trying to get rid of you because they might be tired of you. Good eye contact indicates a person is trustworthy and honest.

19. Match body language

Mirroring someone’s body language is an easy way to gain rapport. Don’t overdo it, then it looks creepy. Subtly assume the same overall body postures. Mirroring body language is a non-verbal way of saying, ‘I am like you, I feel the same’.

18. Getting more information

We all have that one friend who has trouble opening up. We have also met many people who are not willing to give us any information. Here’s a perfect way to get that information out of them in detail. Ask them a question and if they give you a partial answer or it feels like they’re hiding something, keep eye contact and remain silent for a few seconds. This will make them feel uneasy. They will give you the right answer and more details just to break the tension. So, remain silent for a few seconds, and they will most probably continue to talk.

17. Diffuse a tense situation with food

The simplest way to diffuse conflict or an awkward situation is to start eating. Eating is a calming activity. People who are eating usually feel comfortable within their environment.

16. The stalker detector

Have you ever felt like you are being watched? Now you can find out who is watching you with this simple trick- yawn. After you yawn, look around. If they were watching you, they will be yawning too. This is because yawning is contagious.

15. Getting that song out of your head

There are times when a song is on repeat in our heads. The worst part is, you can’t stop it. It just goes on playing. Now you can stop the song from playing by thinking of the end of the song. The song will be complete and your mind will reset. This will release the song from your mind and you can get back to focusing on something productive. If this doesn’t work try listening to another song.

14. Aim high

When you want something from someone; like money for an item you’re selling, ask an amount much higher than the amount you want. The person will say no, obviously. Then you can ask them the real amount you want. They are more likely to consider this offer because they already feel bad for saying no once.

13. Being memorable

We all want to be remembered. Here’s a simple trick to give people a clear memory of yourself. People usually remember the beginning and the end of something. The middle tends to get a little blurry. So, if you have an interview, try to go first or at last. This will create a stronger impression of you. Make sure the interview goes well because they will remember the wrong answers too.

12. Teaching is learning

You learn more when you teach. If you have just finished learning a difficult topic, try to teach it to someone. This way you learn the topic more thoroughly and chances are you would remember it for a longer time. And the other person benefits as well.

11. Who likes who?

When a group of people starts laughing, chances are each individual will glance at the person they feel most connected with. This is an easy way to figure out who enjoys whose company the most at your workplace, or within your group of friends.

10. Father’s advice

If you want your ideas to be taken seriously while talking to your friends, try saying that your father gave you the advice. People are more likely to believe it is right since it is given by an older, experienced person.

9. Remember everyone’s names

Using the person’s name you are talking to in your conversation can make them like you more. This is because we feel more important when a person uses our name. Calling people by their first names when speaking to them can make you instantly popular.

8. Notice people’s feet

When you approach a group of people, try to notice their feet. If they turn their feet towards you when you join the group this means you are welcome. If they turn their bodies or heads but keep their feet pointed away from you, then you are not welcome or have interrupted at an inappropriate time.

7. Eliminate haters

Asking for favors makes people like you more. Sounds weird, right? But it is true. People will start to like you because their brains will rationalize that they must already like you if they’ve done you a favor. Ask someone for a pen or their opinion about something. So, if you think someone hates you, try asking them for a small favor.

6. Observe posture

People lean toward those they like and away from those they don’t. Leaning forward while listening to a lecture or presentation indicates that the person is interested in what is being told. Crossed hands can indicate that they are not interested or they disagree with something you said.

5. Stay calm when someone’s angry

When someone raises their voice, try to stay calm. Their yelling might provoke us but take the high road and stay calm. The feelings of anger usually quickly subside and guilt will set in and normally this person is first to ask for forgiveness.

4. Write down thoughts to alleviate stress

Writing down our thoughts has a calming effect. When we feel stressed or anxious, write in a journal. This will help you focus on your work more easily because you have now shared your thoughts with someone or at least you feel like that. When you share them, you will feel the burden on your mind reduced.

3. Sure way to win “rock-paper-scissors”

We all play “rock-paper-scissors” occasionally to make decisions like who has to do the chores or who gets to go first. Now, here’s an easy way to win. Just before playing, ask your opponent a question. This makes your opponent feel confused and they are more likely to throw “scissors”.

2. Compliment those around you

People love to be complimented. So try complimenting those around you, not just on their physical appearance but also on the good things they do like, “that was so generous of you to make that contribution” or “you did a good job on your presentation”. Research indicates that speaking positively of a third party makes you look confident.

1. Be a good listener

People love to talk about themselves and there is a dearth of good listeners. Talking gives their brain as much pleasure as food or money. You can make a good impression by saying very little.

Try to follow these 20 tricks in your daily life and see if it works.