35 World Records You Can Beat One Day

Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to become a world record holder? Just think of the bragging rights or the feeling of accomplishment that comes from knowing that however small, silly, or weird the record, you made an impact with your life. We have heard about new world records being created but never tried to create one. You probably thought that it is nearly impossible. Here’s a list of world records you can beat. Are you ready to make history?

1. Most Balloons Burst By Sitting In 30 Seconds– The record to beat is 50. All balloons must be blown up and have a minimum diameter of 20 cm. With good practice, this can be achieved easily.

2. Fastest Time To Unravel A Toilet Roll– The record to beat is 9.80 seconds. You should use one hand only. Now, this doesn’t sound so difficult, does it?

3. LONGEST Marathon Hug– Four men from Ireland hugged for exactly 30 hours and 1 minute. The group stayed locked, enveloping each other with their arms. Get 3 people on board, and try to break this record.

4. The Most Eggs Cracked With One Hand In One Minute– Ross McCurdy currently holds the record for cracking 32eggs in one minute. According to Guinness rules, no piece of eggshell can land in the bowls or cups used to collect the raw eggs. So hit the eggs just right, without spilling them all over the place, and then you are on the right track.

5. Fastest Window Cleaning– This would require a good amount of practice. Terry Burrows holds the title of “best window cleaner in the world.” At the National Window Cleaning Competition, which took place in Blackpool, England, on October 9, 2009, Burrows used an 11.75-inch-long squeegee and slightly more than two gallons of water. He made three framed, standard office windows (45 by 45 inches) all shiny and clean in a mere 9.14 seconds. His record has remained intact for more than a decade.

6. The Fastest To Type The Alphabet On An I-PAD– This isn’t as easy it seems. Chase Samuel set a new benchmark in typing the whole of the alphabet into an iPad (in the correct order and with no mistakes, of course) in a mere 2.47 seconds. And he did it with just one hand. Now, this requires so much practice that entering the ABCs becomes an act of muscle memory.

7. Fastest Consumption Of A Jam Doughnut– This is a delicious record to beat. Philip Santoro of San Francisco choked down an entire, standard-sized jam-filled doughnut in just 11.41 seconds. He didn’t even use his hands.

8. The Most Bananas Peeled And Eaten In One Minute– This record is set by Patrick Bertoletti in Illinois, on January 14, 2012. In one minute, Bertoletti managed to peel eight entire bananas and then eat the fruit inside. Even if you couldn’t create the world record, you’ll at least get plenty of dietary potassium.

9. Television Marathon– It’s harder than it seems. Alejandro “AJ” Fragoso watched 94 straight hours of television in New York City during April 2016. This involves not falling asleep, having plans in place for regular food and beverage arrivals, and a means of bodily function relief.

10. Longest Marathon On Space Invaders– From August 29, 1980, to September 2, 1980, 12-year-old Eric Furrer played the then-popular game Space Invaders for 38 hours and 30 minutes. If you are a gaming enthusiast, why don’t you give this a shot?

11. Longest Baked Beans Bath- All you have to do is sit in a bathtub for 100 hours. And instead of water, it is baked beans. In 1986, Barry Kirk, a man from England who loves baked beans so much that he also poses as a superhero named “Captain Beany” set a record for sitting in a bathtub full of cold canned beans for 100 hours. So yeah, if you’ve got a bunch of beans (and time) to spare, maybe you can defeat Captain Beany.

12. Most Dominoes Stacked In 30 Seconds– The most dominoes stacked in 30 seconds is 48 and was achieved by Silvio Sabba from Milan, Italy, on 28 April 2013. All you need is a steady hand and at least 49 dominoes to beat this record.

13. Largest Bubblegum Bubble Blown– This record was created by Chad Fell from the United States. The bubblegum was blown without the use of hands and had a diameter of 50.8 cm. Fell established the record in April 2004, by blowing with three pieces of ‘Dubble Bubble’ gum.

14. Most M&Ms Eaten In 1 Minute- Ashrita Furman from the USA ate 20 M&Ms with a chopstick, blindfolded to create this record on 8 December 2011. You can only pick up one M&M at a time. Furman currently holds more than 120 Guinness records, including the official record for holding the most records!

15. Fastest Jegna Tower- Tyler Measel and Ryan Measel from the USA made a Jenga tower of 30 levels in 2min 51.04 sec on June 7, 2014. Find a partner and start practicing; you are already on your way to creating a world record.

16. Farthest Distance To Blow A Pea- David Rush of USA holds the title for the farthest distance to blow a pea. The pea traveled 12m 58cm. You can only blow once.

17. Most Dice Stacked In 1 Minute Using Chopstick- Serial record-breaker Silvio Sabba of Italy created this record on 11 October 2013. He stacked 44 dice using only one hand and a pair of chopsticks.

18. Most Socks Put On One Foot In 30 Seconds– On 10 October 2017, Pavol Durdik from Slovakia put on 28 socks on one foot in 30 seconds. The catch is, you can put them on only one at a time.

19. Farthest Water Balloon Throw– It was achieved by the thrower, Bipin Larkin and catcher, Ashrita Furman from New York, USA. The record to beat is 38.82 m. The rule is to fill up a commercially available balloon and don’t let it burst when caught!

20. Most Trampoline Seat Drops In One Minute– Lina Kühbacher, a 6-year-old from Germany created this record on 19 May 2019. The record to beat is 59 seat drops. You have to land in a flat sitting position, with the hands placed on the mat beside the hips.

21. The Most Liked Photo– The most liked image on Instagram is a photo of an egg. It was achieved by the Instagram account “world_record_egg” posted by the Egg Gang, with 53.4 million likes as of 29 April 2019. The photo was posted with the specific purpose of surpassing the then most-liked Instagram post, a picture of Kylie Jenner’s daughter with 18.6 million likes.

22. Most Hair Clips Fitted On Head– Jennifer Jacobs wore 201 hairclips on the “Something to Talk About” show, New York, USA on 26 January 2010, thereby creating a world record.

23. Most Shoelaces Tied In A Bow In One Minute– This feat was achieved by Khaled Abdul Aziz Alhosari from UAE at the Guinness World Records Pavilion in Global Village, Dubai, UAE, on 21 February 2009. He tied 31 shoelaces in a bow, under 1 minute.

24. The Longest Time Spent In Full Body Contact With Snow– Oleksiy Gutsulyak of Ukraine, on 25 January 2013 created the world record for the longest time spent in direct, full-body contact with the snow. He spent 60 min 8 sec. If you love snow and can withstand the low temperature for a little over 1 hour, you have a shot at this.

25. The longest Applause– The longest applause lasted for 2 hours and 32 seconds during a performance by Dustin Luke Nelson at the Walker Art Center’s Open Field in Minnesota, USA, on 26 June 2014. His performance was a conceptual performance that aimed to bring the community together and appreciate the act of applause itself. I think the message was conveyed well.

26. The Smallest Snowman– The smallest snowman is 3 micrometers tall. It was made by Todd Simpson of Canada at Western University Nano fabrication Facility, in Ontario, Canada, on 16 December 2016. The snowman is made from round silica spheres and platinum arms.

27. 50 Capital Cities In 1 Minute– Robert Clarke from the UK holds the record for the most national capital cities named in one minute. He identified 50 capital cities from a randomly compiled list and did so within 58 seconds.

28. Most Numbers Of Straws In Beard– Joel Strasser from Washington, USA holds the record for most straws in a beard. He had 312 straws in his beard. He also holds the record title for the most toothpicks in a beard.

29. Most Number Of Grapes Stuffed Inside Mouth– An Indian named Dinesh Upadhyaya from Mumbai holds the world record for most grapes stuffed in mouth. He stuffed 94 seedless grapes on Feb 2018. He broke his previous record of 88 grapes.

30. Most Jumping Jacks In 1 Minute– Gaber Kahlawi Gaber Ali from Cairo, Egypt did 116 jumping jacks in 1 minute. Thereby, creating a Guinness World Record for the most Jumping jacks in a minute in October 2019.

31. Largest Collection Of Stickers– Nidhi Bansal from Punjab, India has the largest sticker collection. She has 102,317 stickers as of 16 September 2013. Nidhi started her collection in 2007.

32. Most Claps In 1 Minute– Eli Bishop from Tennessee, USA is the titleholder of this record. He clapped 1103 times in a minute.

33. Most Costume Changes In 8 Hours– This record was created by John Fitzsimmons and Easley’s Fun Shop from Arizona, USA on 18 September2017. There were 178 costume changes. The attempt took 7 hrs 25min and 49 seconds. John had the dream of being a world record holder since he was a child.

34. Longest Staple Chain– This record was achieved by Anupam Sarkar from West Bengal, India on 17 July 2018. The chain was 554.54 meters long. He worked tirelessly for 3 months for more than 14 hours a day to achieve this feat.

35. Most Stickers On A Bus- STL Sticker Swap created this record on 10 September 2017 at Lou Fest in St.Louis, Missouri, USA. Sticker enthusiasts from all over the world mailed in stickers. A total of 29,083 stickers were stuck on the bus.

Which world record are you planning to break?