5 Things To Do In Toronto

Did you know that the city of Toronto is also known as Hogtown because of the large meatpacking industry present there? It is renowned as a Canadian metropolis with towering buildings, a waterfront skyline, and bustling streets. Here are some of the most magnificent things to do in Toronto that you shouldn’t miss out.

1.) Toronto Music Garden

The Toronto Music Garden is an urban garden situated in the Harbourfront neighborhood. It is quite accessible for tourists to walk around this place. This place offers a surreal view of the CN Tower. The serene place is inspired by the waterfront. The undulating trails and forest beds are what give this place a swirling landscape. This park is considered to be an embodiment of artistic expressions. It was inaugurated in 1999 and faces outward to Marina Quay West. Classical music concerts are held every summer in a grassy amphitheater with a stage beneath a weeping willow tree.

2.) Art Gallery Of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario was established in 1900 and has more than 90,000 items in its encyclopedic collection. This collection is said to span over 2000 years. Some of the notable works present here is that of European masters such as Rembrandt, Pablo Picasso, and Auguste Rodin. Furthermore, there also exist collections of Canadian and Indigenous art. This gallery comes among the largest and most distinguished art museums in North America. Also, it is the country’s most innovative cultural destination. The building was transformed by a renowned architect known as Frank Gehry.

3.) Casa Loma

Casa Loma is an unusual and beloved tourist attraction in the country. It is a 98-room chateau built by Sir Henry Mill Pellatt in 1914 who was a Canadian businessman. Interestingly, he went bankrupt shortly after completing his beloved home. This place serves as a museum and a distinguished filming location. Also, it served as Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngers in X-men. Some of the must-visit areas of this place are its secret passageways, underground pool, and gardens.

4.) St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market has to be the most renowned market in Ontario. The locals of the area regularly shop from its stalls which sell meat, cheese, and more. Apparently, the food stalls along with the architecture are what attracts the tourists towards itself. The main building that the tourists view was erected in 1902. It was a part of the Old City Hall which was established in 1845. You can also take culinary classes in the Market Kitchen. It is a cooking school and event space where one can learn to prepare various dishes.

5.) CN Tower

The CN Tower has to be Toronto’s most iconic landmark. This was the tallest freestanding structure from the time of its establishment to 2007. It has a height of 1,815 feet and was built in 1976. Its 335-feet antenna serves its purpose of broadcasting television, radio, and cell signals. This popular concrete megastructure serves as home to numerous observation decks, the EdgeWalk, and a restaurant that is the highest wine seller in the world. The EdgeWalk provides an absolutely amazing experience that allows visitors to walk around the structure at 1,168 feet above street level.

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