8 Amazing facts about Dominica-The Nature Island

8 Interesting Facts About Dominica- The Nature Island

1.Do you remember the amber stone with a prehistoric mosquito preserved inside from Jurassic Park? That’s fossilized tree resin, which is on display at the Amber Museum in Dominica!

2. Did you know? The original inhabitants of the island, the Caribs, and later the Africans, brought an intense knowledge of plants and herbs? Luckily, much of that knowledge has been passed down generation after generation, and herbs like Moringa, dandelion, basil, and many others are still used today in what’s often called “bush medicine.”

Number 3. Whale watching is the island’s version of a spectator sport. Sperm whales choose Dominica’s waters as their only year-round home, so on any tour you take — whenever, wherever — the likelihood of one putting on a show is pretty good.  It is the only country which is home to whales all year round.

Number 4. Dominica is home to the incredible Boiling Lake’. This wonder of nature and UNESCO World Heritage Site is a flooded fumarole that is around 195 feet deep and is heated by gasses escaping from the molten lava below the Earth’s crust. It is the second largest boiling lake in the world.

Number 5. There’s a river for everyday of the year. That’s right! Dominica is blessed with 365 rivers. The Indian River is the widest on the island, and many visitors choose this one for their first island boat ride.

Number 6. In 1838, Dominica became the first and only British colony in the Caribbean to have a black-controlled legislature. However, this was suspended in 1865 and then in 1896, Britain re-established Dominica as a crown colony government.

Number 7. Dominica is home to the Caribbean’s first long-distance hiking trail. The Waitukubuli National Trail (WNT) is 183km, which is (115 miles) and is divided into 14 segments.

Number 8. Dominica is home to an endangered species of frog known as the “mountain chicken”. Found only on the islands of Dominica and nearby Montserrat, the frog was a delicacy among islanders as it tasted like chicken. However, the species is now protected after a fungus wiped out nearly 80% of the island’s population in the early 2000s.

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