9 Amazing Facts About El Salvador

You must be wondering facts about El Salvador so here you will find some amazing facts about El Salvador.

1. El Salvador is known as the “Land of the Volcanoes” because of the more than 20 volcanoes in the territory. Some of them can be visited or even climbed. Two of them are currently active.

2. Did you know? Flor de izote is the national flower of El Salvador. This flower can be eaten picked, steamed, mixed with eggs and in soups.

3. There is one UNESCO World Heritage Site in the country: Joya de Ceren.  “Pompeii of the Americas” is the site that was buried in ashes by a volcanic eruption.

4. International surfing competitions have taken place in El Salvador because of its beaches.  It is common to see people with surfing boards at the international airport. If you want to feel the surfing and hipster vibe, head to the beaches located close to San Salvador.

5. Coatapeque Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Ilopango Lake is a popular vacation destination for locals. Ilopango volcano’s eruption is the probable cause of the strong “volcanic winter” which resulted in world famine. Almost no sun was shining for two years in the 6th century.

6. “Route of Flowers” is about 40 km stretch of paved road between Sonsonate and Ahuachapan in northwestern El Salvador. Visiting between October and February will justify its name as wildflowers along the road will be in full bloom. Most importantly, this short road gives you a great view on El Salvador’s traditions, history and colourful colonial towns in the coffee growing region.

7. Did you know? Salvadorans enjoy socializing and are extremely hospitable? And if you happen to be invited to a Salvadoran household, try not to be punctual. The host will expect you to be 30-45 minutes late. Weird but yes that is the custom. Also, it is considered polite to leave a small amount of food on your plate when you’ve finished eating.

8. The largest pretzel in the world was made in El Salvador. According to Guinness World Records, this humongous piece of baked pastry weighed 1,728 pounds, with its length and width measuring 8.93 meters and 4.06 meters respectively.

Number 9. El Salvador is also known for the production of Anil, the plant producing the prized blue dye known as indigo. The extraction of the dye is done by pressing the plant with bare feet.