9 Amazing Facts About Uganda – Pearl of Africa!

Here are some interesting facts about Uganda!

1. Owino is Kampala’s largest open market, and there you can buy anything from clothes to herbs. The city is also famous for its nightlife and its casinos. Kampala is the capital and largest city of Uganda. Kampala has been ranked the best city to live in East Africa ahead of Nairobi and Kigali by Mercer, a global development consulting agency based in New York City. Did you know, that Kampala is home to the City Oilers, one of East Africa’s top basketball club teams?

2. You’d be surprised to know that the largest mammal, the African Elephant, can be found in Uganda. They weigh between 6,000 and 11,000 pounds on average and have huge, multi functioning trunks that can even serve as another foot. The southern white rhino is the 3rd largest land mammal after the African and Asian elephants!

3. Uganda is also home to 11% of the world’s bird population. When visitors go on safaris, they are getting a two-for-one deal as they also get the chance to see the variety of bird species that call the reserves home. Another species that Uganda has in abundance is butterflies. Uganda has 6.8% of the world’s butterfly species.

4. To reverse the effects of deforestation, policymakers have come up with a way to stop deforestation. In Uganda, for every tree cut down, you are expected to plant three more!

5. ‘This is Uganda’ is an annual festival showcasing the diverse cultures in Uganda through music, art, poetry, and dance with a particular emphasis on female artists. It takes place in December and promotes the rights and education of women!

6. On the top of Biku Hill in Nebbi Town, Uganda is home to a small building, that always leaves visitors in awe. This building is the Bethel Church that is 2.3 m wide and 8ft tall and one of the smallest churches in the world!

7. Mt. Elgon is a volcano in Uganda, with a base so large that it supports a massive ecosystem. Measuring 50km- 80km, the base of Mt. Elgon is the largest in the world.

8. Rwenzori National Park is a hiker’s dream. It houses the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains, which has the third largest mountain peak in Africa. The mountains are known for having varying climates and species.

9. If a Ugandan offers you a dish of fried grasshoppers when you visit, this signals that you are a special guest. Grasshoppers to Ugandans are like hot dogs to Americans!

Well, that was all for the Pearl of Africa- Uganda. Do check out some interesting facts about Nigeria as well that is known as the Giant of Africa! Do let us know if you were able to connect these amazing facts from both the countries in the comments section below!