9 facts that you probably didn’t know about Palestine

9 facts that you probably didn’t know about Palestine – The country that celebrates Christmas, three times a year!

9. Palestine is home to several species of large wild animals. These include foxes, mountain gazelles, Nubian ibex, a desert-dwelling species of goat, wild boar, wolves, jackals, leopards, hyenas, and many types of migratory birds as well.

8. This country is known for some of the most beautiful wildflowers in the world, popping into existence mostly in April and May. These include irises, jonquils, wild poppies, and other vibrant species of flowers that paint the colorful hillsides during a short spring season.

7. Several currencies are commonly used in Palestine such as the US dollar, Jordanian dinars, and Israeli new shekels. The Egyptian pound is also accepted in Gaza.

6. For many centuries, olives have been a central part of Palestinian life, culture, and tradition. With over 45% of land in the country dedicated to olive trees, it is no surprise that they are a highly revered and treasured aspect of Palestine’s identity.

5. The stone industry is the largest sector of the Palestinian economy. There are over 650 stone production sites in the West Bank, 138 of which are in Beit Fajjar. Quarried stones are cut into a range of pink, golden, sand, and off-white tiles and bricks which are known as Jerusalem stone. A significant portion of these stones are exported to Israel, Jordan, Europe, and North America

4. You will love Palestine if you love Christmas!. Because Christmas is celebrated 3 times each year. The first of which is December 25th, per western tradition, followed by January 6th per Greek Orthodox tradition, and finally on January 18th, as per Armenian tradition.

3. Ramadan is a holy month in Islam that includes fasting from sunrise to sunset. Because the majority of Palestinians are Muslim, Palestinian businesses adjust accordingly. Most shops close before sunset. Most restaurants are also closed during the day, except for some hotels catering to tourists. It can be considered offensive to those who are fasting to eat, drink, or smoke out in public during this holy month.

2. The Dead Sea was home to one of the most important discoveries in modern archaeology. In 1947, the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 11 caves near the ruins of Qumran on its northwestern shore. These ancient manuscripts date from around 250 BC to 68 AD. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, at 1,315 feet below sea level at its lowest point. The sea is so salty that there are no detectable living organisms in the water. Its high salt levels mean that people can easily float on its surface due to the natural buoyancy.

1.The Church of Nativity, which is considered the birthplace of Jesus Christ, is regarded as a sacred place by both Christians and Muslims alike. It is also one of the world’s oldest churches.

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