9 Interesting Facts About Bulgaria

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1. Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe. It is also the only one which never changed its name since its establishment in 681.

2. Bulgaria is the only country in the world, which saved its Jews during the World War II. Despite the fact, that the country was on the German side, no Jew was ever transported to a concentration camp.

3. Dan Kolov was a Bulgarian wrestler and a martial arts fighter who participated in over 1,500 matches, which is still a world record! Out of them, he only lost three official matches.

4. At the Bulgarian Christmas Eve table, the dishes are an odd number and they are all vegan. Prior to Christmas, Bulgarian Christians fast for 40 days. The Christmas Eve celebration is the culmination of the fasting. Similarly, 40 days prior to Eastern it is also fasting time.

5. An unexplainable communications fact about Bulgarians is that they shake our heads right-left for yes, and nod up-down for no.

6. The oldest golden treasure in the world was found in Varna, Bulgaria. In 1972, almost 300 graves were discovered in a necropolis in the industrial zone of Bulgaria’s Black Sea capital. The artefacts are dated at 4600 – 4200 BC, which is nearly 7000 years old! The treasure consists of a total of 3,000 items and weighs six kilograms.

7. On Jordan’s Day in Bulgaria, there’s one custom that involves a priest throwing a cross into the river. The man who can retrieve the cross is said to be rewarded with good health and happiness.

8. The Bulgarian folk song “Izlel e Delyu Haydutin” by Valya Balkanska was sent in space on board Voyager I. It is part of the Golden Record, a collection of human artifacts intended as a message for extraterrestrial life.

9. Name Day is a celebration in Bulgaria for those who share their names with that of a Saint. The person with the Saint’s name invites guests at home or at a restaurant. Name days are widely celebrated by locals, even more than their own birthdays.