9 Interesting Facts About Cambodia

Here are some amazing facts about Cambodia!

1. In the past 60 years, Cambodia went through a number of name changes. The first one being ‘The Kingdom of Cambodia,’ then ‘The Khmer Republic’. And then later ‘Democratic Kampuchea’ during the Khmer Rouge, and then ‘The People’s Republic of Kampuchea’ after the war had ended. Today, the monarchy has chosen to use the original name, ‘The Kingdom of Cambodia,’ which is what we know it as now.

2. Cambodia is one of the very few countries in the world where there isn’t, and has never been, a McDonald’s. Further, KFC is actually bleeding money in Cambodia.

3. Cambodia is home to the largest religious building in the entire world! Isn’t that interesting? Not the Vatican, and not the Westminster Abbey. It is Angkor Wat! The name actually directly translates to “City of Temples”, which makes perfect sense .

4. The average cost of a funeral is thought to sit around the $9000 mark. In a country where the average monthly income per person is less than $100, this figure seems quite shocking, right? Funerals are of great importance in the culture. The extraordinary price is a little more comprehensible when you consider that the funeral can go on for 49 days.

5. The Buddhist New Year is celebrated in April and is referred to as the Khmer New Year or “Chaul Chnam Thmey”. The celebration goes on for three whole days, with the last of them being something of a neat-freak’s nightmare. The last day of the celebration is marked by an unbelievable amount of water being thrown around. 

6. You’d be surprised to know that traditionally, birthdays are not celebrated in Cambodia particularly in the rural areas. Some older people may not even know their exact birth date and only recognize their birthday season.

7. The Tonle Sap or Great Lake of Cambodia is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. It measures 2590 square kilometers during the dry season but expands to 24505 km during the rainy season, thus flooding the significant areas.

8. Did you know, that in Combodia,  It’s also considered disrespectful to point your feet at people? That’s why Cambodians always sit with their feet tucked in. Sounds strange, right? Do check these facts that might sound a bit strange but intriguing at the same time to you!

9. Cambodia has the only river in the world, that flows in two different directions. Twice a year, Tonle Sap changes its flow direction, depending on the season: whether it’s the monsoon or dry season. Between November and May (dry season) the waters of Tonle Sap drain into the Mekong River. In June they are flow in the opposite direction and come back to the lake. Miraculous!

So that was all for Cambodia. Do let us know how did you find these facts in the comments section below!