All About Food Science And Technology

Food science refers to a multidisciplinary field dealing with all scientific aspects of food. It involves the study of chemistry, nutrition, microbiology, biochemistry, and engineering. This study helps gain scientific knowledge and grow an aspect of it. One can then solve real-life problems which are associated with food.

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This study involves a deep understanding of the chemical aspects of food components, their processing, and storage. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, etc go through a chain of chemical processes. This is done to extract the nutrients which fuel up the body. Furthermore, all of this broad-based knowledge focuses on food and its components.

The discipline of food science is relatively new and is still growing. The increase of study of food science has brought a lot of changes in the society towards food. Also, the food industry now demands more refined, sophisticated, and convenient products. Ever since the growth of usage of packaged food, the responsibility of producers has increased. They have to maintain the quality of food and beverages they produce.

Does Food Science Matter?

Food science holds paramount importance in today’s world. With the increase in the use of chemicals and preservatives, it is important to look up to the quality of food. Increased use of chemicals can be detrimental to people’s health. There are various aspects to a certain food item which are as follows:

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These pointers were to name a few. There are various other factors such as the difficulty of preparation, life duration, etc. Food science helps to deal with all of it. The researchers carry out systematic investigations on food production and development. They look deeper into the properties and composition of food.

What Is Food Technology?

Food technology refers to the usage and application of food science. The application is done on selection, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and usage. Some of the related fields to food technology are as follows:

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During the processing of food, the substances are treated by changing their properties. This is done to preserve the food item for a longer period of time. It also helps in improving the quality and making it functionally more useful.

Various processes such as biological, chemical, and mechanical are used for the storage of food items. Through these processes, the substances are made shelf-stable and palatable. There are also many processors which take in raw marine, vegetable, and animal materials. Furthermore, they are converted into edible food substances.

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The food that humans eat on a daily basis is a result of a lot of food research. Technology plays a vital part in the whole process. It makes the processing of food substances a whole lot easier. Mass production of food can be done with the help of the right usage of technology. The scientists have provided their major contribution in studying it thoroughly. All the aspects such as physical, microbial, and chemical have been strategically researched.

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