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5 Things To Do In Toronto

Did you know that the city of Toronto is also known as Hogtown because of the large meatpacking industry present there? It is renowned as a Canadian metropolis with towering buildings, a waterfront skyline, and bustling streets. Here are some of the most magnificent things to do in Toronto that you shouldn’t miss out. 1.) Toronto …

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5 Things To Do In Bali

Bali, also known as the Land of the Gods is a popular tourist destination famous for its looming volcanoes and lush terraced rice fields. If you want to soak up some local culture or experience unique adventures, here are 5 things that you can do in Bali. 1.) Bali Swing Swooshing on the Bali Swing is …

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Things To Do In Jaisalmer

One of the most stunning spots you’ll ever see within the state of Rajasthan is Jaisalmer! The city takes its name from the well-known historical ruler of Rajputana, Raja Jaisal Singh. The city, that stands in the vast Thar desert, is famed for its rich legacy, traditions, and culture. Exhilarating adventure sports, enthralling safaris, and …

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Why Is Amer Fort So Famous?

The majestic Amer Fort (Amber Fort) is one of India’s most well-known and frequented forts, located near Jaipur in Rajasthan. It’s no surprise that it’s one of Jaipur’s most popular tourist attractions. Here’s everything you need to know to make your vacation a success. (image source) As you may be aware, forts are frequently found …

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What Is Big Sur Known For?

It’s no surprise that many people consider Big Sur to be the most stunning stretch of coastline in the world, with cliffs falling hundreds of feet to rocky bays churning with foamy waves. The boundaries of Big Sur are hazily defined. Many sources include the 90 miles of coastline between the Carmel River and San …

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Lake Tahoe Mysteries Revealed

High up in the Sierra, lies one of California’s most unique and beautiful alpine lakes, Lake Tahoe. The Lake, with its 1,645 feet of depth, is America’s second deepest lake. (Crater Lake is America’s deepest, while Lake Baikal is Russia’s deepest, with a depth of 5,369 feet the largest in the world). The Lake was …

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