Best Local Business Ideas For Hyderabad

Details of the City

Population of the City: 10 million

Total GDP of the City: $150 billion

  1. Wedding Planning Services: Big fat Indian weddings are always on the go list. Investing in this business idea would definitely provide an assurance of profit earning as people can never stop getting married or attend weddings.

2. Food Catering Services: Hyderabad is known for its versatile nature of delicacies and since the requirement of delicious food at weddings and ceremonies is a never-ending story, food catering forms as one of the most successful business ideas in a growing city like Hyderabad.

3. Garment Tailoring Service: The need to get clothes stitched or altered from a nearby tailor service is required in huge amount in cities like Hyderabad where people are always fond of wearing customized tailored garments.

4. Restaurant/Café Services: Since Hyderabadis are referred to as ‘food-lovers’, so moving out to any restaurant or a café in the city is performed as a very usual activity and choosing this lucrative idea to start a business can help the seeker earn a great profit.

5. Poultry Services: Starting this business would demand of owning a land, capital and equipment and eventually one can earn and expand his/her poultry farm.

6. Hand-made Crafts Shop: Hyderabad is known for its handicrafts and opening this business can help the seeker earn a good profit while getting a validation for his/her skills.

7. Grocery Delivering Service: This innovative business idea involves delivering of groceries at the door-step of customers while getting paid an additional charge for the same.

8. Sweet Shop Services: Although it is one of the competitive business ideas to set up in a city like Hyderabad but since sweets are always treated as a treat in the city, it can provide a good profit in the long run.

9. Antique Dealing Services: Since this is a luxurious business, it requires a heavy investment in dealing with the commercialization of antique ware, which is one of the famous symbols of its cultural heritage.

10. Jewelry, Gems And Stones Business: Although, dealing with the commercialization of ornamental products comes with a huge investment, but in order not to invest that much, the seeker may visit a jewelry shop and get them their clients while earning their own commission.

11. Beauty & Spa Services: People residing in cities like Hyderabad are greatly interested in grooming themselves. Not only women but men in present times also prefer to maintain an attractive and presentable personality.

12. Handyman Service: All the unsung heroes of our daily maintenance routine – the plumbers, the electricians, etc., can be hired by business seekers and can earn their profit by providing them the clients.

13. Food Truck Services: This is considered as one of the low-cost-high-return businesses based on the current usage by the population of this city. (Eg: Prem Ganapathy – one of the richest entrepreneurs of India – initially grew as a person selling idli and dosas opposite Vashi station).

14. Blogging: It forms a platform to showcase their talents and skills while expressing their views and opinions on their choice of interest. Since this is a digitally operated work, it involves flexible usage of time and can be considered as a part-time job for writers.

15. Tour Guide Services: Hyderabad is a home to various famous monuments of India including Charminar, Qutub Shahi Tombs, Chowmahalla Palace, Flag monument, Mozamjahi Market, etc., These sites attract tourists and hence make a world for the tour guide services to enhance and make profits.

16. Second-hand Book Selling Services: Students would always want to invest in buying any book at a cheaper cost than the real one. This business provide the students with exactly what they need by selling second-hand used books and earning great profits for the same.

17. Photography: If a seeker possesses all the skills and talents requires in clicking the perfect shot, he/she may progress in this field by getting as many clients as possible either by wedding photography, event photography, etc.

18. Developing a YouTube Channel: Seekers may develop their business in this platform by advertising revenue, getting a channel membership, obtaining YouTube Premium subscribers’ subscriptions and even by merchandising themselves.

19. Recruitment Firm Agencies: Recruitment firms have a high rate of expansion in a city like Hyderabad where people are looking for jobs in large numbers and companies are hiring people enormously as well.

20. Matrimonial Services: If the seeker holds the required skills in creating relationships and maintaining them, it would be a great idea for him to pursue business in this field.