Best Local Business Ideas For Jaipur Region

Local Details of the Region:

Population: 30.7 Lakhs

Total GDP:  $24 Billion

Business Ideas:

  1. Mineral processing Business:  Rajasthan is a mineral rich state and blessed with 79 varieties of minerals, of which 58 are being commercially exploited. State has virtual monopoly in the production of major minerals like Wollastonite, Lead-Zinc, Calcite, and Gypsum, which contribute to almost 90% to 100% of national production. Business in this sector looks promising for Jaipur.
  1. Cement processing Business: Rajasthan is the largest producer of cement in India. With a capacity of over 13 million tons per annum, Rajasthan accounts for over 15% of India’s cement production. The cement industry in Jaipur is witnessing significant growth in recent years.
  1. Tourism: Jaipur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, for both domestic and international tourists. It attracts tourists for its historical forts, palaces, art and culture. You can start your own tourist guide agency to meet new people and earn concurrently! For an extra tip, you can also provide your guest taxi service as a combo!
  1. Business in Livestock: Animal Husbandry is a major economic activity of the rural people, especially in the arid and semi-arid regions of the Rajasthan. Development of livestock sector has a significant beneficial impact in generating employment and reducing poverty in rural areas. You can also start poultry farming to expand your business.
  1. Detergent Powder Manufacturing: Rajasthan is the second largest mineral producing state in India and houses about 90% of the total mineral reserves of the country. Easy availability of the raw material is the key factor in making detergent powder manufacturing profitable small business ideas in Jaipur.  
  1. Ethnic Jewellery Business: Jaipur people are popular for their intricate handiwork when it comes to crafting exquisite jewellery designs. From the high-end gemstone work to the more affordable sterling silver options, you will find it all in Jaipur. Handmade jewellery, Kundan and Meenakari Jewellery, emrald- cutting ‘Thewa’ from Chittorgarh are some of the most popular gold-works in Rajasthan.People from all over the world can’t help but buy the colorful lac bangles produced in Jaipur!
  1. Belt-Buckle making business: Another popular business in Jaipur is making belt-buckles. Any individual can start the belt buckles making business from his or her home location. Other than selling a customized product, you can also sell the product from online marketplaces like Etsy.
  1. Neem Oil Extraction business: Neem tree can easily be grown in the dry, stony, shallow and clayey soils. It needs little water and a great deal of sunlight. This makesJaipur  the best location to grow neem trees. Neem oil extraction using the solvent like alcohol, ether, and hydrocarbons is the most used process in the industry.
  1. Textile and Handicraft Retailing: Jaipur is one of the largest handicraft hubs in India. Simultaneously, its fine silk and cotton milling is admired globally. While Leheriya and Bandhni are the most popular types of textiles produced in the land, you can choose from various kinds of materials and styles which include Kota Doria, Barmeri, Sanganeriand Bagru to establish your business!
  1. Blue Pottery Sourcing: Blue pottery is one of the oldest and most widely recognized crafts of Jaipur. The eye-catching designs are created using cobalt blue dye to colour the pottery which is made of a mix of quartz stone powder, powdered glass and Multani Mitti, making it a truly unique craft that justifies its high demand.
  1. Fast Food Business: The influx of businesses and commercial investments in Jaipur have also led to the rapid urbanization of the city, meaning more people, more families, making it the perfect place to start a small food business.
  1. Art & aesthetics: While Jaipur is most commonly known for its fabrics and jewels, art and artists have always been encouraged warmly for generations in this state. The royalty, the sophistication and the vibrant hues of the land have given birth to a one-of-its-kind art scene in the city of Jaipur, leading to the rise of a large market of both traditional and contemporary artwork. The art galleries in Jaipur are a testament to the city’s close bond with art and culture.
  1. Heritage Hotel & Resort Business: The Pink city attracts tourists for its historical forts, palaces, art and culture with its slogan ‘Padharo mahare desh’. Owing to a huge number of tourists every year, the hotel and resort business runs like water. No tourist can refuse to stay in the royal aura of Havelis, and resorts!
  1. Carpet Retailing Business: Jaipur has the finest quality of carpets in India which is applauded both domestically and internationally. The city is one of the largest manufacturer of hand-knotted rugs in India. Selling carpets, designed by skilled artisans is probably one of the best businesses to start in the city!
  1. Biscuit Making Business: the unforgettable taste of biscuits manufactured in Jaipur’s streets stays with everyone who travels and lives in the city. No one has ever refused cookies made with a love, expertise and trustworthiness. Start your biscuit making, retailing and wholesaling business today!