Best Local Business Ideas For Kanpur

Local Details of the Region:

Population: 29.2 Lakhs

Total GDP:  $19 Billion (Approx)

Business Ideas:

  1. Razor Blade Manufacturing: The demand for men’s grooming market has seen a rise in the last few years because of increased consciousness of their looks among both male and female customers. Also as more than 50 percent of the population is under the age group of 30, the industry has huge local markets.
  1. Electric Motor manufacturing: Due to growing awareness about environmental conservation, pollution-free motors are being manufactured in Kanpur.  Electric motors are also widely used in household appliances, and material handling equipment.
  1. Carpet Manufacturing & Retailing: Uttar Pradesh has 58 spinning mills and a total of 74 textile mills. Kanpur is known for its carpets & brass ware products. Carpet weaving is one of the important crafts in Kanpur, widening the scope of carpet manufacturing business in the city.
  1. Leather Retailing and Manufacturing: Popularly known as ‘the Leather City’, Kanpur ’s leather business has been a leading sector since the 19th Century. The city has over 400 tanneries of which 90 produce vegetable tanned leather. Although all kinds of leather goods can be found in Kanpur, its main line of production is footwear. The scope in this business is unlimited!
  1. Research & Development Consultancy: Kanpur is the hub for technological research & development. Kanpur is the largest city in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, UP has also witnessed rapid industrialization in the recent past, particularly after the launch of policies of economic liberalization in the country. This has given rise to new startups and entrepreneurs in Kanpur.
  1. Car Services: The services are performed by highly qualified and experienced mechanics. It also provides professional drivers to people at home/office with all type of vehicles. Professional drivers can be hired for a few hours to a couple of days.
  1. Drone Manufacturing: It includes developing professional drone solutions for other enterprises. The main focus of the business is drone intelligence, hardware optimization and design innovation. For eg, Aarav Unmanned Systems- startup originated from IIT Kanpur in 2013 by 4 friends.
  1. Consultancy in Food Sector: The business includes providing easy and effective solutions to restaurants and cafes to manage everything for better customer service through online payments, e-menus, delivery services etc.
  1. Organic Soap Manufacturing Business: Interested business executives can start their own soap making business at home with minimal investment. Handicraft soaps made organically at home are always preferred over chemically manufactured soaps.
  1. Oil manufacturing Business: Many Kanpur-based companies have come out as one of the largest producers and manufacturers of wholesale natural vegetable and essential oils in India. The products manufactured by the companies are of high quality which allows them to do so well in western countries. The products are well diluted with each other with no artificial properties in them. Essential and vegetable oil processing has a great scope of expansion in Kanpur!