Best Local Business Ideas For Nagpur

Local Details of the Region:

Population: 24.1 Lakhs

Total GDP:  $15.10 Billion (Approx)

Business Ideas:

  1. Coaching and tutoring services: You can open your own coaching institutions and start giving tuition facilities at your own convenience!
  1. Pharmaceutical supply and distribution business: This business includes supplying medical equipment, medicines, legal drugs etc for hospitals and diagnosis labs.
  1. Social Media Marketing: Social Media has become the way of life. Every firm desires a creative social media marketing team to help it expand its outreach. You can start this business at home, with your only investment being your skill and time!
  1. Courier Services: Nagpur being a metropolitan city, has an active cross-border delivery system. You can either start your independent courier service or buy an already established franchise like InXpress.
  1. Beauty & Salon Services: Everybody wants to look good and feel good about themselves. Nagpur has a continuously expanding chain of beauty care and salon services. This is the best opportunity for all beauty geeks!
  1. Online food delivery services (eg. Foodbymood): Good food is all everyone desires after a long day at work. You can start your own online portal for delivering food for restaurants, and cafes in Nagpur.  
  1. Professional Organizing Business: Help clients get organized by going through their homes and/or offices and coming up with systems for storing and utilizing all of their items.
  1. Thermal power processing: Nagpur has numerous thermal power plants that supply power to heavy-industries and enterprises all around the city.
  1. Orange Cultivation Business: Nagpur is popularly known as ‘The Orange City ’. Orange cultivation has been expanding and it is the biggest marketplace for oranges in the country. You can start your business in orange cultivation by domestically selling or exporting the supply.
  1. Podcasting: Start a podcast where you talk about an interesting topic. Moreover, you can even charge for advertisements if your podcast has a sizable base of listeners.
  1. Vintage Selling:Sell vintage clothing, accessories and home goods that you’ve collected over the years at local flea markets, antique booths or on sites like Etsy or eBay.
  1. Affiliate Marketing: Set up a website, blog or some social media profiles and earn money by posting affiliate links to relevant products or services.
  1. Product Licencing: Got a unique idea for a new product? You can create the idea, get it patented and then sell the licensing rights to another company so you do not have to spend the time manufacturing and shipping the items yourself.
  1. Vehicle Advertising Business: Some businesses will pay people to place advertisements in their vehicles and drive around. You can offer up your own vehicle as another income stream.
  1. Business Consultancy: Use your business knowledge to help others by offering coaching or consulting services to other business owners or related clients. Share your expertise and ear!
  1. Tailoring Services:If you know how to sew, you can offer alteration services to customers who need clothing or other fabric re-sized or changed in some way.