Best Local Business Ideas for Surat Region

Details of the City-

Population of the City: 44.6 Lakhs

Total GDP of the City: $40 Billion

Business Ideas-

  1. Automotive Service Offerings (eg. Carz Spa): The sector facilitates automobile repair and cleaning services. Simultaneously, it allows asset maintenance and shop floor control processes as well.
  2. Virtual reality & 3D Animation (eg. Melzo): The business sector includes developing web based platforms which create next generation hypnotic web-content.
  3. Co-Working Spaces Services (eg. iKoVerk): It is a unique start-up which aims at providing safe spaces for consultants, freelance writers, and entrepreneurs to strategize together and work to boost their businesses trajectory.  
  4. Cotton Milling Business: Surat is a global leader in cotton milling and manufacturing. The export of cotton fabric produced in Surat accounts for a major part in the total textile exports of India.
  5. E-Dealing Business (eg. Deal Box): The business deals with developing apps that offer suggestions related to the finest restaurants, gyms, best places in the city, hotels and health care services.
  6. HR Accounting consultancy (eg. Accounting Baba): The business includes providing job portals for Accountants for providing in-depth inside into the Indian accounting market. It also accounts for assisting candidates to build extra-ordinary resumes to attract maximum recruiters.
  7. Diamond Jewelry Business: Popularly known as the Diamond city of the world, Surat is the largest hub for cutting and polishing diamonds. The success rates for diamond processing in Surat are promising.
  8. Outdoor Media Advertisement (eg. WooHoo Screens): The sector includes building digital-out-of-home advertising media by introducing innovative indoor TV LED screen advertisements.
  9. Design & Development (eg. Iconscout): The business formulates digital assets as a market place for icons, illustrations and stock photos by building next generation Design resource marketplace.
  10. Construction Monitoring & Quality Check (eg. digiQC): the sector includes building startups with the aim of simplifying the daily work of engineers and site inspectors by eliminating the role of bulky PDFs and scattered MS Excel inspection forms. This is carried out by offering digital apps for quality check of research work.
  11. Handicrafts and silk Hand loom Business: Surat has one of the finest handicraft and hand loom markets selling handmade knitted paintings, home appliances, aesthetics, and fashion accessories.
  12. Tourism Business: Surat’s historical monuments, serene and clean environment makes it a tourist attraction for people from all over the world. The rich cultural heritage and colorful markets never fail to amaze people!
  13. Online Education (eg. Cerebroz Edutree LLP): Online education is an emerging sector reaching great heights in the recent times. It aims to provide knowledge to students through online platforms by ensuring both social distancing and self-sufficiency in technology at an early age.
  14. Logistics & Courier Franchise (eg. InXpress): This type of franchise aims at providing door-to-door courier delivery services in minimum time and cost by reselling shipment and freight services to small businesses.  
  15. Pharmacy & Health care Services (eg. SuAyu Lifecare): owing to the current scenario, developments in health care services are the need of the hour. This makes pharmaceutical sector a potential business sector in Surat for 2020.
  16. Clothing and textile retail business: Surat is widely appreciated for its fine silk fabric. In the recent years, exports of curtains, silk sarees, and hand-knitted customized embroidery have had an unprecedented surge.