Best Microphones for Podcasters

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Mics are one of the indispensable tools that podcasters use. Here is a list of the best mics that podcasters can use.

Samson Q2U (Entry Level)

The mic that we very strongly suggest individuals get going with is the Samson Q2U. This is a truly flexible option, being both XLR and USB. It’s likewise a major quality increment over a conventional headset mic or your inner mic. The double output implies that the microphone can be plugged into your devices through a USB and be used for regular calls as well.  It is also relatively affordable compared to the other options.


ATR2100 (Entry Level)

Another option, and very much like mics, is the frequently referenced ATR2100. There’s very little to distinguish between the two, however, the Samson is typically less expensive, so it’s everything down to cost on the day. These mics are great for outdoor shoots and again, they are pretty affordable.


The Rode Podcaster (High Quality)

This microphone is relatively similar to the pro-level NT1. Although, the price for this mic is a little towards the higher end but it is totally worth it. So if you are podcasting on a bigger level, this could be a very strong option to take under consideration.


The Blue Yeti (High Quality)

This is one of the most popular ranges among the microphones. Its a USB condenser microphone that is one of its unique selling points. It offers an awesome quality of audio because of its condenser capsules. Ultimately, the Blue Yeti comes along with it’s own tripod stand, so it’s a decent initial step at a very good quality and you do not need to stress other stuff like stands.


The Heil PR40 (Professional Level)

This microphone is used by a lot of professional podcasters or show runners. It is undoubtedly one of a kind however, I will not deny the fact that its price price is quite high and it is a little overrated. Its sound quality is quite good and it is also a very dynamic product. However, you should only go for this alternative if you record on a super professional level.

The Shure SM7b (Professional Level)

This is undoubtedly an awesome microphone. It is a very highly rated mic but it is also totally worth appreciation. It has an amazing sound quality and it is made for a particularly professional environment. This microphone literally records the slightest of sounds so if you decide to word with this model, be very thorough with your technique. Again, go for this microphone only if you want to work at a professional level. Given the cost and techniques required, be very clear with your needs.


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