Best Vlogging Cameras In 2021 That You Will Love

People are increasingly taking up vlogging as a serious profession contemporarily. Vlogging is like capturing all the beautiful moments and living them over and over again through your cameras. Speaking of cameras, you really have to be careful while purchasing your vlogging cameras. Do a good need analysis and refrain from making impulsive purchase because this will cost you a hefty amount. As of now, this blog would help you figure out what camera do you want to go ahead with.

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There is a plethora of things you have to consider before choosing a vlogging camera, some of them being prices, video quality, size, your requirements etc. So without further ado, lets hop into the process of the selection.


Tips for buying vlogging cameras:

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  1. Consider where you will be vlogging, in case you’re vlogging during your drive you will likely incline toward a simple to use however on the off chance that you need to make a true to life touring video blog a DSLR or mirrorless would be a superior choice.
  2. In case, you are an amateur, a less complicated camera will be the right alternative for you since huge cameras can be pretty unhandy.
  3. The audio and video quality of a camera should be seriously considered and analysed, since they the most important factors of shooting a vlog.
  4. Make sure you are paying the right price and procuring the right product. The product should be bought not because it’s the best but because it fits your requirements. If you buy the best possible camera but its of no use to you, that is just a bundle of money down the drain.
  5. If you are an established professional, a wide angle lens is a preferable feature you will want in your vlogging camera.


Best Vlogging Cameras In 2021

Canon Powershot G7X Mark ll

  1. Affordable purchase for amateur vloggers
  2. .Great camera to kick start your vlogging
  3. The quality is prodigious and the camera is handy
  4. Its light weight and small in size which makes it super comfortable
  5. Although, the camera does not have a microphone port but its built in microphone does have a commendable quality.


I would basically suggest the beginners and the vloggers who want to vlog on a small scale to procure this particular model. It won’t disappoint you!


Sony ZV-1

  1.  It is the first point and shoot by Sony, especially developed especially for vloggers. It is extremely handy in nature.
  2.  Stabilization, three capsule microphone array, improved skin tones etc. are just some of the salient features of the camera.



Canon EOS 1DX Mark lll

The video and audio quality of this camera is literally commendable.

  1. It also has a microphone port.
  2. It is termed as the best travel camera by a lot of vloggers
  3. Amazingly wide range of lens selection
  4. It has literally all the possible features you need
  5. Contrary to all the plus points, this particular camera is pretty experience and will squeeze your pocket. It is also huge in size. So go for it only if you are an utterly professional vlogger and need something so advanced.



Sony a7R Mark lll

  1.  Again, the camera has marvellous video and image quality.
  2. Stabilization features are built it and there is a microphone port available
  3. 4k recording and slo mo videos at 1080p/120 fp
  4. Although, it lacks a variety in lens selection but the available lens are pretty versatile.
  5.  It is an expensive purchase. Buy it only if you are serious about vlogging



Conon EOS RP

  1.  Pretty affordable for a full frame mirror less camera
  2.  Flip out screen
  3. Small and compact body which makes it super easy to handle.
  4. It also has a microphone port available
  5. One of the best buys you will make as a vlogger.
  6. If paired with the right tripod, it will make vlogging super convenient for you.



These are some of the best alternatives you can go for a vlogger. I have listed some affordable options as well as some pretty expensive ones. You are free to make a choice that falls right into your requirement area. Personally, I would suggest you go for Canon EOS RP but again, to each his own. Pick carefully, happy vlogging!