20 Interesting Facts About Philippines

From beautiful emerald rice fields to bright sandy beaches, the Philippines is a paradise with friendly people and vibrant cultural experiences just waiting to be explored.  Here are some fascinating facts about the country and its people. Filipinos Love Basketball It’s not unusual to see makeshift basketball hoops and courts even in the most remote …

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Why Do We Snore?

From gentle snuffles to loud rasps and snorts, snoring is common. About 40% of normal adults snore regularly and 95% of snorers say their snoring bothers their family or partner. However, why do we snore in the first place? And what can we do to avoid it? Let us find out! Introduction During sleep, our …

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Work And Its Future

Have you thought about the future of work? How might you fit in? What about your next job or your next career? And what about your children? Will they be able to function in the same way in the next 10 or 20 years? What we do know as we enter the fourth Industrial Revolution …

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