Denmark: The Happiest Country In The World

Denmark has been listed as the happiest country in the world but what actually makes Danish people this happy? Is that they have the magical key to life? Watch this video to discover!


As the World Happiness Report states it, the happiness of an individual is closely related to social equality and communal spirit. Denmark has apparently aced in all these spheres. The joyful country is has minimal crime and corruption. Apart from that, it offers free access to high quality education and public health care! Childcare is subsidized and elderly receive regular pensions.The social safety net also supports people who lose their jobs for up to two years while they look for new jobs, although a system is in place to make sure they are actively looking for work. Isn’t that like a dream?

You’d be astonished to know that Danish people do not fumble or hesitate while paying taxes. In fact, they appear rather happy to do so! The only reason for this is their satisfaction towards the services offered to them by the state and government. The citizens view it as their moral and social responsibility to work and pay taxes on time. They have faith in the government, and each other.


Denmark offers safety and security in the most subtle way. Children are offered freedom at a tender age, as the chances of crime are none or minimal. Danish people live as a community- they interact, hold lunch parties often than other countries, sing, dance, etc. There is a special concept popularly called the ‘Danish Hygge’ which translates as taking some time off, to enjoy the good things in life with people you care about.

The most special thing about Danish society is that people are allowed to choose the life they want to lead. Theirs is no rat race. People are satisfied with whatever they have. In Denmark, people value their relationships with other people, and strive towards betterment.

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They say that food is the key to heart. It is safe to say that it holds true for every Danish person! “In Denmark, Sweets are hyggelige. Cake is hyggeligt. Coffee or hot chocolate are hyggeligt, too. Carrot sticks, not so much”.


Denmark has designed its own cultural, political and social construction, which is the reason behind the happiness of Danish people. They have secured jobs with high pay, a good future for their children, a feeling of belongingness, and a compassionate government. What more can a citizen want?