Dominican Republic- The Island With Endless Summer

Here are some amazing facts about Dominican Repubic!

1. It has it’s own Car Horn Language

Car Horns have their own language in the Dominican. One short beep means I’m here or get a move on! Two short beeps mean I’m coming past Two long beeps mean for god sake get out of my way!

Vintage Automobile Dashboard - Free photo on Pixabay
Fig: Car Horn Language

2. Enriching culture

Merengue is an extremely lively and uplifting type of dance and music. The dance is a blend of a European Waltz, African rhythms, Mazurka from Poland, and Cotillion, that originated on the island but is now popular throughout Latin America and the world.

3. It has the best of golf courses

The Dominican Republic has 26 golf courses which explains one of the reasons it is so popular with tourists. Teeth of the Dog, Punta Espada, Corales, Playa Grande are major golf courses in the region. It is undoubtedly the golfing capital of the Caribbean, both in terms of the quantity and quality of the golf on offer.

4. One of the leading manufacturers of Cocoa

It is one of the top 10 manufacturers of cocoa in the world. Coffee, sugar, and tobacco are the main sources of income of this island.

5. World’s second-largest gold mine found here

The second-largest gold mine in the world, Pueblo Viejo mine is found in the Dominican Republic. Around 5,30,000 – 5,80,000 ounces were produced in 2020, which costed nearly $840 – $890.

6. Land of world’s largest salt lake

Lago Enriquillo is the world’s largest salt lake and the lowest elevation at 150 feet or 46 metres below sea level, in the Caribbean with  400 species of the American crocodile.

7. Pride of Dominican Republic – Santo Domingo, a World Heritage Site

The colonial city of Santo Domingo is a World Heritage Site. It was founded on 5 August 1498 and was laid out on a grid pattern that became the model for almost all town planners in the New World.

File:Santo Domingo (Mexico City).jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Fig: The City of Santo Domingo

8. Centre of World’s Oldest Cathedral

The oldest Cathedral in the world, the Cathedral of Santa María la Menor is found in the Dominican Republic. The style of the building is majorly Gothic, although it has some Baroque traits, the front was built in golden tinted coral limestone and the altar is chiselled out of silver.

9. Home of Precious Stones

Republica Dominicana is home to unique precious stones such as Dominican Amber and Larimar found nowhere else.  The Dominican Amber is derived from resin of the extinct tree Hymenaea protera. This amber is considered to be the finest in the world.

10. Centre of Tomb of Christopher Columbus

The tomb of Christopher Columbus is said to be in a lighthouse, Faro de Colombo, constructed in 1972 on the 500th anniversary of his arrival in Santo Domingo. There is still mystery and intrigue surrounding his exact burial spot. The confusion has arisen because Columbus’ remains saw almost as much travel as the explorer did during his lifetime.   

 11. Rhinoceros Iguana, a threatened species of lizard found here

The Dominican Republic is also home to a threatened species of lizard in the family of Iguanidae – the rhinoceros iguana. It lizard varies in length from 60 to 136 centimeters while their skin color could be steely grey, dark green, or brown.

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