Dukaan – App Made In India

COVID -19 has caused a huge loss in businesses across the globe. India’s economy has never fallen down like this before. The lock-down has forced people not to step out of their houses. It has reduced income for all or even brought them to a pause.

Dukaan is one such application, made precisely for those business owners who are fighting for the survival of their business. This app is built by a genius young man named Suumit Shah from Satara in Maharashtra. He and his app made people believe that with digital presence, the orders can be taken as well as fulfilled.

How To Use This App?

Dukaan permits the local stores to become digital, sell their products using WhatsApp and move their business online. The seller or the dukaandar has to follow a few steps to become eligible for selling his goods. First, he has to download the application and register the details of his business. After registering he has to list the name of the products available for selling purpose. Now the link generated here can be shared with customers via WhatsApp to place orders.


Who knew that the boy who ran a small shop by his uncle would be an inspiration to all? Suumit completed his engineering, grasped key web designing skills. Later he learnt how to use digital marketing and finally started his own business, called Risemetric with his CTO Subhash Choudhary.

Cred and McDonald’s are two such big corporates where Suumit is working as a successful entrepreneur. He has also changed lives of other thousands of small entrepreneurs across India by developing this application.

In just 48 hours, the app (Dukaan) was created for Android users by Suumit. Including his team mates Subhash, Anuraag and Kaustub. Soon all of them realized that this application could actually benefit small business owners who are now struggling in this pandemic.


You’ll be amazed to know the numbers reached to small business stores by this app! In the time period of just 20 days, more than 1,50,000 stores had listed 5,00,000 products in 400 different cities across 40 different categories! The number of orders placed were 75,000 which clearly shows that this application is benefiting the entrepreneurs.

Although, the idea of digital media and online business is not new. It has been in work with the government since a long time. But, Suumit Shah’s Dukaan story of success is helping our country to achieve the dream we pursued.

The fact which has come into realization is, there are more small business entrepreneurs who live outside the metropolitan cities, facing critical situations during this time, who need to be brought on the digital platform.


Suumit Shah is that gift to the nation who understood the need of small and medium entrepreneurs in India. He brought them into the digital world. All we need is the trust of these businessmen, that this shift to digital arena will definitely benefit them.