Extensive Menu Planning In Hotels

Extensive Menu Planning In Hotels

Menu Planning is a major managerial activity that falls under the food and beverages department. It has a dedicated team comprising of an entrepreneur and the executive chef. The menu planning of the hotel is done in such a manner that it proves to be beneficial. There are various aspects that are kept in mind while curating the menu.

The selection of dishes is an art and should be done correctly. A different course of meals requires a different set of menus. All of them should be in synchronization and harmony. The dishes should be appealing to the eyes and palatable. The menu planning of different places varies. Economic situations are considered while planning meals in commercial catering establishments.

Compilation of the menu can make or break the success rate of a hotel. While curating the menu, many things should be kept in check. The food should be nutritious and fulfilling. It should have the potential to satisfy the guests having it.

Main Factors

There are certain important factors that are vital to be kept in mind during menu planning. These factors help in growing the reputation of the hotel.

  • Working Hours

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The working hours of the team should be decided upon everyone’s agreement. If the business hours of the hotel are all through the day, the meals of all hours should be included. This will include breakfast, lunch, dinner, mid-morning, evening snacks, and henceforth. Menu planning should be done based on the time of functioning.

  • Alignment Of Menu

The alignment of the menu with the restaurant’s theme is supremely important. Many times, the policy of management does not allow the specific type of food. Hence, the framework of the hotel should be an important parameter while deciding the menu.

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  • Process Of Production

The production of food is a crucial part of food and beverage service. There are different food production processes such as cook-freeze, cook-chill, etc. Hence, it is extremely important to look after the theme and food production process of the hotel.

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  • Convenience Products

The use of convenience products helps to ease out the procedure. Many quick-use products are available in the market which speeds up the process of preparation. These products are quite helpful in the hotel kitchen. Using these products helps in serving the orders within a limited timeframe.

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  • Type Of Menu

The type of menu depends on the availability of the products and the target audience. Usually, the A La Carte menu includes the most diverse types of dishes. One can choose according to their wish from the extensive menu. It helps to gather diverse types of audiences. Also, this type of menu requires more products and better production.

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Types Of Menu Planning

These are some of the most important types of menu plannings.

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It is essential for the food and beverages department to abide by various quality standards. The quality standards mainly include hygiene, food quality, health, and security standards. Various sales and marketing skills help to amp up the presentation of the menu. All these factors will lead to a perfect menu which the customers will absolutely adore.

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