Facts about DRC, that makes it different from the rest

Here are few facts about DRC, Congo-Kinshasa – DR Congo

1: DR Congo is one of the 17 megadiverse countries in the world. Megadiverse countries are the world’s most biodiversity-rich countries. The Congo Basin makes up one of the most important wilderness areas on Earth and is home to approximately 10,000 plant species, 400 mammal species, 1,000 bird species, and 700 fish species.

2: At 4,700 km, the Congo River, which runs through DR Congo, is Africa’s second-longest river after the Nile. It is also the world’s deepest river.

3: Did you know, that Okapi and Bonobos are two species that are nowhere to be found on the earth but in Congo? Okapi is available only in DR Congo, where its range includes three national parks, Virunga, Maiko, and Lomami.  The Okapi Reserve, sometimes known as the pygmy chimpanzee, bonobos weren’t recognized as a separate species until 1929.

4: The oldest national park in Africa is the Congo’s Virunga National Park. It is home to rare mountain gorillas, lions, and elephants. All in all, There are 400 mammal species, 1,000 bird species, and 10,000 plant species (3,000 of which are unique to the Republic of Congo) in the country.

5: Did you know? The Democratic Republic of Congo is widely considered to be the richest country in the world regarding natural resources? its untapped deposits of raw minerals are estimated to be worth in excess of $24 trillion.

6: It is home to the third highest mountain in Africa, Mount Stanley. Mount Stanley is a mountain located in the Rwenzori range. With an elevation of 5,109 m (16,763 ft), it is the third highest in Africa. It is right after Mount Kilimanjaro in, Tanzania, and Mount Kenya in, Kenya.

7: Nyiragongo is probably DRC’s most magnificent single sight active volcano. The crater of Mount Nyiragongo contains the largest and most voluminous lava lake in the world. It measures ten million cubic meters.

8: In the DRC, only 1.8% of existing roads are tarred and less than 10% of the population has access to electricity today. Recently there have been pushes to improve, including the announcement of a $1 billion package from the World Bank for infrastructure.

9: Did you know, that The Democratic Republic of the Congo hosts the United Nations’ largest peacekeeping mission in the world, with over 21,000 soldiers from approximately 50 different countries?

10: Taking pictures is ill advised. Locals get very upset, for they believe that “capturing a person’s image” removes his spirit.

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