11 Amazing facts about Barbados

Here are few facts about Barbados


It is said that the country’s name, Barbados is derived from its Bearded Trees. The bearded fig tree can be found on the Barbados Coat of Arms and just about anywhere growing wild especially where ruined buildings stand.


In the smaller islands of the Caribbean, monkeys are rare to find, but not in the case of Barbados. The Green Monkey is a common sight on the island, and sometimes even pops up in people’s gardens. Locals believe that Green Monkey came from Senegal and the Gambia in West Africa 350 years ago. Over time, the monkeys developed different characteristics, as compared to those from West Africa.


The very delicious grapefruits were born here. Earlier, it was known as the forbidden fruit. According to the legends, it was discovered in Welchman Hall Gully in the 18th century. Its existence is said to have something to do with a cross-pollination that occurred naturally, between Shaddock and Sweet Orange.


Barbados specializes in medical science. For example, the success rate of the Barbados Fertility Centre – higher than the centers in Britain and America. The cost of treatment at this center is approximately one-third of the treatment done in hospitals in Britain or America.


The national flower of the country is called the Pride of Barbados. The leaves of this flower dipped in breast milk, are given to crying babies to stop them from crying.

In Barbados, it is considered good luck if a mongoose crosses your path. Mongoose was originally imported from India to take care of the rats in the country’s sugar cane fields. Weird isn’t it?


The megastar Rihanna was born here!. Rihanna frequently travels back to the island for the famous Crop Over carnival celebration, and she promotes her island whenever given the opportunity. Riri, as popularly known by her fans, was honored with the title Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary for Barbados in September 2018.


It was once British, but now after 1966, it became an independent island. This happened after first being occupied by the British in 1627. Ahead of its independence, the island was a British colony until internal autonomy was gained in 1961. Still, today, even though the island is independent, Barbados has close ties to the British Monarch, which is represented by the Governor-General. The Queen remains the head of state of Barbados.


Rum lovers would surely fall in love with Barbados!. As it is the birthplace of rum. Mount Gay Distilleries, has been churning out rum since 1703 in Barbados. The distillery produces the oldest rum in the world. Across the island, there are whooping 1,500 rum shops, and more distilleries, including Foursquare Distilleries and St Nicholas Abbey; a plantation house, museum, and rum distillery.


Barbados is known as the land of flying fish. Confused? Let us help, Flying fish is a popular catch in Barbados.  These foot-long fishes can fly over the water for up to 200 feets Cou cou and flying fish is the national dish. It is made by steaming the fish with local spices and other seasoning and serving it up along with cou cou, which is made with cornmeal and okra.

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