Why Was The Getty Center Built?

The Getty Center is situated in Los Angeles, California. It shares the campus of the Getty Museum and some other programs of the Getty Trust. On December 16, 1997, it was opened for the public for the very first time. It is renowned for its well-crafted architecture,  gardens, and beautiful views around. This place gets around 1,400,000 visitors every year.

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The Getty Center has the J. Paul Getty Museum which stores arts dating from the eighth to the twenty-first century. It is presented against a backdrop of dramatic architecture, gardens, and an amazing view as well. There is a wide range of art collections present there. It includes European paintings, sculptures, drawings, manuscripts, decorative pieces, and much more.

Purpose Of The Getty Center

The Getty Center is the legacy initiated by businessman and art collector J. Paul Getty. As a man who promoted art, he considered it to be a civilization influencer of society. Art is available for one and all was his agenda. He established the J. Paul Getty Museum Trust in 1953. Moreover, he used to provide some of his signature pieces to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art starting from 1948.

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After he died in 1976, the maximum amount of his personal estate was provided to the trust. The Trust’s name was changed to J. Paul Getty Trust in 1983. This was done because he made a huge contribution to that particular spectrum. His philanthropy was the inspiration behind the construction of the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades and the Getty Center in Brentwood.  Also, Getty was a nonconformist by nature. He was very calculative when it came to business or art collecting.

It was his immense desire which drove him to increase the access of the public to art. He converted his ranch house to a museum. It is now the world’s largest cultural and philanthropic institute solely dedicated to the visual arts.

Getty Development

The wealthiest art museum was earlier a small namesake museum. Getty’s wishes drove his trust to carry it out. The diffusion of artistic and general knowledge was done. It was done with much research and deliberation to lay the foundation for the institution. They broke ground on a new campus in Brentwood. The original site was developed to serve the antiquities. Even today, it supports conserving and interpret the world’s legacy of art.

It is a large, six-building complex residing in Brentwood. Designed by Richard Meier, this place has a collection of international photographs. They reflect the presence and adoration of art during the Renaissance.

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The campus majorly consists of the Getty Research Institute, the Getty Foundation, and the Getty Conservation Institute. It went for renovation in 1997 and was reopened in 2006.

This place was designed by Boston-based architects Jorge Silvetti and Rodolfo Machado. It has a collection of Getty’s ancient Greek, Roman, and Etruscan art. It has also become home to a research center. Chronological installation was done after decades in 2018 for thematic presentation.

Overview Of The Getty Center

To discover one of the best sightseeing areas in Los Angeles, one should definitely visit the Getty Center. One can get to see collections from the Neolithic to the Late Antiquity. Discover illuminated manuscripts, sculptures, drawings, paintings, art pieces, and much more.

It stores a rich collection of about 1,700 objects. These collections range from the late 12th century to mid 20th century. It gets its funding from the trust itself.

This place is a must-visit for a person interested in the art and craft of the ancient world. One will be left mesmerized by the beauty of this place.

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