Is The Golden Gate Bridge A Monument?

The Golden gate bridge, as aptly titled, with its orangish-gold aura at dawn is one of the most eye-feasting and exquisite bridges that the world has ever witnessed.

What is it about the bridge? it’s not the tallest or the longest or even the busiest for that matter! Is it just its uniquely magnificent beauty or is it the precisely and graciously designed structure?

Whatever the case may be, the heart-stealing golden gate truly has the power to captivate the eyes of whoever passes by. The bridge is a total celebutante in the world of monuments.

The Golden Gate bridge

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“Bridge that cannot be Built” 

   The “Bridge that cannot be Built”, as once addressed, is today considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world. In 1937, after a four-year struggle against the impassioning wind, fog, rocks, and treacherous tides, this magnificent span is perhaps the most famous sight of San Francisco now.  

The world-famous Golden Gate Bridge, easily distinguished by its International Orange colour, crosses the Strait of the Golden Gate from San Francisco’s Presidio to the Marin headlands for 1.7 miles. The bridge, which was opened in 1937, cost capital of 35 million dollars and a profit of 39 million dollars, and 11 workers’ lives.

Twin towers that reach up to 746 feet above the sky and were once bigger than any building in San Francisco are anchoring the single suspension space. Two cables of over 7.000 feet each with an 80.000-kilometre wire stretch over the top of the towers in support of the suspended highway and have their roots in concrete anchors on the shore. The Golden Gate Bridge brought the communities of San Francisco and the counties of Marin closer together over 10 years due to formidable opposition, but only for four years under construction.

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How to Get There?  

So after knowing about this majestic monument, you must be wondering about how to get there, it’s pretty easy. Take #38 of the Geary Boulevard from the city center to Parc Presidio and take #28 to reach Golden Gate Bridge in the north. The #10, # 70, or #80 lines will take you to the bridge if you are on Golden Gate Transit from San Francisco.

Please visit the Municipal Transportation Agency in San Francisco and the Transit Garden for further information, routes and schedules.

You will also be driven to the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center on the free PresidiGo downtown route. A free, affordable service seven days a week and 40 stops in National Park is the ideal choice to explore the Presidio.

The Presidio offers cycling rentals and sharing opportunities for electric bikes, plus the recommended bike path through Crissy Field if you are interested in biking across the bridge. Please visit the Presidio online for more information.

Things to do at the Golden Gate bridge: 

Stay at the Point of Cavallo  
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Even older than the Golden Gate is the story of Cavallo Point. The army established Fort Baker as a military base before the building of the bridge to strengthen the bay. Today, the beautiful colonial buildings have become an understatedly luxurious resort. Guests can take advantage of morning yoga, wine reception at night, guided walks, cookery courses, and a wonderful view, of course.

San Francisco Bay Cruise  
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Dylan Thomas once wrote: “You wouldn’t have thought that there could be a place like San Francisco. Experience all of your three wonders on a boat tour of the bay… the gorgeous sunlight… the great bridges, the Pacific on your shoes. The Red and White Fleet is ideal for a simple trip, while the only floating wine degustation is offered at San Francisco Bay Boat Cruises. In the meantime, Hornblower Cruises hosts several dining seats, brunch buffets, and glamorous parties. In Spring and summer, one of the company’s Alive After Five Happy-Hour Cruises is taking you through the bridge, Alcatraz, and other city signs to offer cocktails and small plates

Discover the recreational area of the Golden Gate  
Early Morning at Baker Beach below Golden Gate National Recreation Area

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It is hard to imagine that expansive untouched lands are a few miles away in the busy Union Square. Amazing 82,027 acres of land extending from the Silicon Valley to Tomales Bay is protected in the Golden Gate recreation area and some of its most beautiful spots lie right next to the Golden Gate. Go to a hidden beach on the 1.7-mile Tennessee Valley Trail, take a walk through the hilly headlands, the ruins of the Sutro Baths at Lands End.

Roundhouse Café Recharge 

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The Round House Café reflects its name, which offers 360-degree views from the wheel-shaped window walls of the restaurant. In 1938, you had your last chance to catch a bite at the city-side of San Francisco Bay, the Art Deco building. Fill the huge hot dogs in a bowl, which sells almost every afternoon in a slaw, salads like a Californian or ever-popular chowder.

Ride across the Golden Pass  

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Timid for just two miles, the bridge is an exciting but super-manageable bike ride. If you come from the city, you will both offer rentals and tours for every cyclist on Golden Gate Biking Bike Rentals and Blazing Saddles, and if you come from Marin on Sausalito Bike Rentals you will have the best bet. Wheel Fun Rental offers an audio-guided cycling tournament using GPS technology, which provides information on your exact location. This tour includes two sites in Fisherman’s Wharf. No matter how you travel, stop for the ultimate selfie bridge at Fort Point.

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