Harsh Truths People Find Hard To Admit


Sometimes reality is difficult to deal with, so much so, that we tend to ignore them or do not admit at all. Today we will make you uncomfortable and talk about all those truths that not only you but everyone finds difficult to admit.

Our Memories Can Be Deceptive

Let’s face it we all know that sometimes when we say are damn sure about how a certain thing happened, deep down we know that there is a possibility that it didn’t happen that way. It’s because we can’t remember the entire event but maybe just some highlights. Remember the game Chinese whispers, it pretty much works on the same logic.

The World Is Brutal, And Everyone Is For Themselves In It

It’s is indeed true, the world doesn’t care that you are down or you are going through a crisis, they’ll simply move on. People will betray you or even backstab but that’s a part of life. You have to fend for yourself. Take wise decisions and don’t trust everyone blindly. No matter how close you are with someone they won’t wait for you or will be available all the time. Life happens, time goes by and people move on. So, it’s important be self-reliant.

We Have More Time Than We Think

Humans have a tendency of procrastinating, we wait till the last hour to submit a file or even start making one, and then we miss deadlines or important events due to a presentation which has to be submitted urgently, our excuse is “I couldn’t take out the time, was so busy all day.” While the truth of the matter is that we didn’t organize our time properly.

You Are Your Biggest Enemy

What ever we are, our habits, our shortcomings or our unhealthy eating habits all are the outcome of our own carelessness. People have health issues but they just won’t change their habits or start taking care of themselves. People suffer from various mental health issues but refuse to go to therapy. It’s our life and we are responsible for it so it’s important to prioritize ourselves. There’s always scope for improvement so never stop working on yourself, or in other words don’t be your own enemy.

We Just Care Too Much About What People Think

No matter how much we try to not give any importance to what other people say we are not a 100% immune to other people’s opinion. It matters to us what they say and we often seek validation in these opinions. A negative opinion often ruins our mood. So, we do care what people say and think about us.

If You Are Rich, Then You Are Important

This is the sad reality of our world. If you are rich than you are important and people will prioritize you. It’s like in school when a rich kid has a fancy pencil box so everyone is attracted to him, but the implications of this trait in adult life is much more advanced. There are so many layers of differential behavior which unveils itself once you become rich and that’s when the gap between rich and poor is clearer than ever.

Sometimes We Project Our Issues Onto Others

Recall any fight you recently had with your loved once. Now think, is this something which makes you mad as well? The answer, most probably, is yes. We tend to project our fears or issues onto others.

Soulmates Doesn’t Exist

No one can ever be perfect for you. There always be issues which you need to work through and that’s how your relationship grows and even you as a person become much more open and accepting of diverse opinions.  

Not Everyone Will Like You

You can be on your best behavior and even then, someone can find a way to dislike you. Sometimes people simply don’t like your behavior or your personality. You can’t please everyone, I guess we all just have to accept that.  

Money Isn’t The Key To Happiness

Money sure can help you lead a better lifestyle but it definitely isn’t a sure shot to achieving happiness. You can have all the wealth in the world, but if you don’t feel complete with it then it won’t bring you happiness. Money can bring your satisfaction but cannot buy you happiness.

Have you ever wondered why we overthink?


So, to conclude, I think its best to accept these truths as soon as we can instead of fighting them because that’s how we move forward instead of beating ourselves up for these things.