Have Aliens Visited Earth Without Us Knowing?

Have Aliens Visited Earth Without Us Knowing

Ever got that eerie feeling like someone is watching you after a horror movie? We all get that feeling that someone is with us but still isn’t visible to our eyes. What if someone is really with us and yet we aren’t able to see them. Till today there hasn’t been any strong evidence to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life. But not believing in the existence of aliens is like taking a spoonful of water from an ocean and saying, there is no shark in the ocean because there is none in my spoon.

In this blog, we will be looking into one of the most famous unanswered questions,

“Are we alone in this universe, if not have any extraterrestrial lives visited earth?”


Here are some shreds of evidence that may support the fact that we are not alone in this universe:


1. The Abduction Of Travis Walton By Aliens

Travis Walton reports that one evening while he and his friends were driving home, they observed a dazzling light coming out of the woods. Walton and his friends stopped the truck so they could examine the weird light, and Travis got out. Walton was struck by a strong laser beam coming from the aircraft and instantly passed out. His friends trembled in terror at the thought that Walton could have been killed by the laser beam. Soon after Travis was kidnapped, his friends drove away without him.

Walton continues by saying that when he first awoke from the light, he thought he was in a hospital until he discovered that the beings standing above him weren’t people.


Walton then came to the conclusion that the “creatures” were actually grey aliens, which they most certainly were. The aliens began to investigate Walton right away before covering his face with a mask.

Travis Walton later woke in the same location where he had been abducted, but his clothes were on backward. This was a blatant sign that he had taken off his clothing before his alleged encounter with the aliens. Walton first thought his absence had just lasted five hours. Later, Walton learned that he had been absent for a whole five days. Walton later reported being abducted.


2. UFO Sightings, Rendlesham Forest, UK, 1980

US troops stationed at RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk, England, investigated reports of lights in Rendlesham Forest in December 1980, and they saw red and blue lights as well as a UFO land. According to reports, it was around three metres tall, three metres in diameter, and appeared to have fixed legs. The material of the ship was described as “smooth, impenetrable black glass.”

The earth had holes the next day, and radiation levels had been observed. On a different night, a different US Air Force member made the decision to utilise a tape recorder to dispute his friends’ assertions. According to him US government published a report detailing the encounter, which has come to be regarded as Britain’s Roswell, three years later.


3. Unclassified Videos Released By The Pentagon

Three declassified videos shot by navy pilots that had been circulating for years depicting contacts with “unidentified aerial phenomena” were finally made public by the Pentagon in April 2020.

The early 2000s saw a rise in illegal and/or unidentified aircraft and objects in military-controlled training zones, training ranges, and other designated airspaces, according to Scott Bray, deputy director of Naval Intelligence.

However, he claimed that the Pentagon has not discovered anything “that would say it’s anything non-terrestrial in origin” as the reason behind these occurrences. The videos are one of the greatest mysteries in the world, even if they haven’t conclusively shown that alien life exists.


The phenomena, sightings, and events that were all mentioned above are just a drop in the ocean. The debate for alien life has been strengthened by the numerous inexplicable and unexplainable incidents that have taken place all throughout the planet during the past several millennia. The existence of alien life is still one of the great mysteries, and we all eagerly await the day when solid evidence proving it will be brought to us.


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