How Does A Cooler Work?


A cooler is just like a simple and straightforward way of cooling your home, office and other places. It is just like a breeze flowing across a lake and this breeze reduces the temperature and has a relaxing cooling influence on people. However, before knowing about the way it works, you have to keep this in mind that A cooler is not similar to an air conditioner because it does not use a compressor and refrigerant gas like an AC and that is why one should not assume a cooler to work as efficiently as air conditioning. However, the benefits of the cooler over air conditioning are that it has low purchase cost, low power usage, finally, a cooler is more portable and environment friendly that AC.

How does it work?   

Now as we got the basic idea on a cooler and how it is different from the AC, let us understand how it works next. Usually, by a cooler, we mean an air cooler which cools the air by evaporating the water. When the water evaporates into the air, it produces a mixture of air and water particles. This change in chemical properties requires heat, therefore energy or latent heat is obtained from the air particles which reduce the original temperature of the air.

The suggested humidity level for a cooler is 60 percent or less, to feel the temperature decrease prominently which helps people to feel more comfortable. In the dry climate areas, the temperature decrease may take more time because of the lower humidity. In lower humidity, more evaporation occurs.

While cooling the temperature, the cooler should not be used in contained places. The room should have doors and windows opened to provide free airflow and there must be water present inside the water tank of the cooler.  A cooler works properly when installed near an open window, where fresh air can be pulled into the cooler, flow in the room and exits through the door. The best cooling effect is felt if a person is in the flow of air coming out of the cooler.


So now you know how exactly a cooler does work. Coolers can also be applied to humidify the dry air during the cool weather months. To use the cooler for the humidification, the windows and doors should be shut. This enables the humidified air to expand.