Sounds bleak, right? Who would want to know how short their life is? Everyone hopes for a happy and a healthy life. But when we look at this question, we are talking about how much time do we really spend with our own selves, and in that sense our life is indeed short. How? Let’s find out.

To answer this question is think it’s best to quote Shakespeare who said “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances…”   


Truly a master stroke at explaining how our lives actually are. We all enter as players in this play of life and play various roles like a being a student, a father, a mother and what not, and while juggling in between in these roles we often forget to interact with our inner self. We all have some pre-decided phases of our life. For example, being a student, or going to college, doing a job. Majority of people follow this sequence. They go to school, then to college, then a job and finally getting married and making their own families. And once their family is extended, the circle of life begins but its just that now their children are playing the roles.   

Phases Of Life

The phases of life are defining moments in our life and majorly forms who we are and our ideologies. Every phase has its own importance and leaves its impact on our personality.   

In school we are disciplined, we are taught to be obedient and is a major socializing agent. It helps us built confidence and also encourages peer interaction, and its indeed true that school days are hard to forget.   

In college, we are on a journey of discovering ourselves, with curious eyes we question everyone and everything, we challenge the social norms and the already existing schemas about social order. But after a point we just get too caught up in assignments, internals, externals, internships and what not. Thus, pushing the thought of discovering ourselves to the back seat.   

Soon after we finish college, the pressure is to get a job because we got to pay our bills. It takes year to figure out what you actually want and what job profile suits you. Until the time you finally get a fulfilling and a satisfying job you are already in your late twenties and you see every-one around you are suddenly getting married. And once you enter the institution of marriage then there’s no looking back because the responsibilities are never ending.   

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In between these phases and a race to be successful, we often do not value our own selves, do what we like or pursue our hobbies. I have often heard my parents say that, it almost feels like yesterday when they were going to schools. You could live 100 years and yet feel that it was so short. Time moves fast and it waits for none. Its important to live in the moment before it passes because its won’t return and you’ll be left with a feeling of regret that I didn’t give it a 100%.   So, interact with yourself while you still can.