How To Calculate Your Own Worth?

A man was given two mirrors and was asked to look at himself. He held up the first mirror. He saw a face full of tiny marks and spots. He felt that his skin was ugly and kept the mirror away. Then he held up the second mirror against his face. In this mirror, he could see a clear and evenly toned face. After looking at the two reflections, he realized that it was not his face that was unclean, it was the first mirror.

When we look at ourselves, what we see depends on the quality of the mirror. If we use a clean mirror, our face appears that much clearer. This mirror is our self-worth. How we see ourselves, how we measure ourselves, determines how we react to the highs and lows of life.

While there are many ways we might measure our worthiness in life, it’s important to consider whether some of them are unhealthy. The six common but unhealthy ways in which we measure ourselves are:

1) How we look.

2) How much we earn.

3) What company we keep.

4) What profession we are in.

5) What others think about us.

6) What we achieve.

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It can be tempting to get a boost of confidence from these external factors, but that confidence is only temporary. We cannot control each of these things. They do not necessarily reflect our skills and conscience.

So, what can be done? Measure yourself with things you can influence. Things that are meaningful to you: your values and purpose. Try to get to know yourself well. When you know who you are, and you are pleased with the person you have become, you will experience peace through life’s inevitable ups and downs. You will believe in yourself regardless of what life throws at you.

Instead of chasing things that temporarily boost your self-esteem, measure your self-worth by who you are at your core. Behave according to your values and create a life of meaning and purpose.