How to Make a Good Video? 9 Simple Tips and Tricks That Will Help You

Making videos looks like a cakewalk on the outside but as you go deeper, you realise that you have to keep a thousand different things in mind in order to create a nice video. So lets walk you through some basics of video making that will make your video stand out.

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Prepare Prepare Prepare!

There is literally no escape from a hardcore preparation if you actually want to excel. Do not squander your time in making an unprepared video because that will just go down the drain. So the main drill is, to prepare.


Be Natural

Don’t make your video sound like a sermon. Nobody takes an effort to watch a long and boring video unless it engages them. Make your video sound like more of a fun conversation and less of a soulless sermon. This way there is more chance of building a personal connection with your audience.


Lighting is Key

Along with all the other aspects, a good lighting is a very imperative part of an attractive video. Abundant lighting is very important while you are shooting professionally. Good lighting can change the entire outcome of your video.



It might sound futile at first but the right background makes a whole lot of difference. So make sure your background is in accordance with your topic of conversation. Go for a plain background in a regular video. You can also shoot amidst the nature, it imparts positive vibes and make the video look attractive. To be precise, pick the right background.


Pick an Audience

Decide a target audience and deliver to them. You have to aim at a particular set of audience to build a connection with them. Till you don’t have a target audience, your content will sound purposeless. So set a target audience, analyse that audience and finally make your content that fits their choice. This will help you build the right image.

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Know Your Topic

I can literally not stress this enough, but you have to know your topic inside out. You should be well researched with your content and it should be precise and concise. When you are talking about something from a position through which you are reaching the masses, it is essential that you are clear with your topic.


Make Your Content Flow

Do not let your content be all over the place. There has to a proper flow of things and it cannot be vague. so before you start making your video, decide the flow of everything and make bullet points. Do not start making a video out of nowhere.  ANALYSE, SYSTEMISE, ORGANISE AND THEN FINALLY SHOOT YOUR VIDEO.


Pick Relevant Topics

Make sure you choose relevant topics, this way you will be able to connect with a huge number of people. By relevant topics, I mean topics that people can relate with and know about and basically topics that will speak to them. For example, if in the present scenario, you make a video about work from home, chances are, a lot of people will click on it. So pick your topic after analysing its relevance.


Let the Video be Short and Crisp

Nobody likes to invest long hours over an internet post. People always go for shorter and interesting videos. So keep your content concise and entertaining. Even if a long video is inevitable, keep it as short as you can and add a lot of worthy information. If people can extract something of worth out of your content, they will come back for the next video.

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