Humayun’s Tomb: An Architectural Marvel In Delhi

Humayun’s Tomb, located in New Delhi, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site visited by tourists from across the world. The symbol of beauty, the tomb was the first of its kind, built in the garden style by the first wife of the Mughal Emperor Humayun

His widow Haji Begum ordered the construction of the tomb some nine years after the death of the emperor. The construction period lasted seven years from 1565 AD to 1572 AD. After her death, a tomb was built for her on the same site.

Additionally, the complex now includes the monuments of Isa Khan Niyazi, Dara Shikoh, Alamgir, and other members of the Mughal kingdom. With a gorgeous garden and magnificent architecture to marvel at, this majestic tomb in Nizammudin East is a must-see for everyone. 

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Some information about Humayun’s Tomb is here follow:

  • Famous for: History, Culture, Tourism, Photography 
  • Entry Price: Rs 30 for Indian and 500 Rs for Foreigner 
  • Visiting Time: Sunrise to Sunset 
  • Visit Duration: 1 hr to 2 hrs

Travel Tips 

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  • Wear comfortable footwear to be able to walk for long distances in the complex.
  • Stay well hydrated, and wear a hat or scarf to shield yourself from heat. 

Things To Do

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  • Marvel at the enchanting architecture of the tomb, built in the Persian style, designed by Mirak Mirza Ghiyas. 
  • Relax and enjoy the calm atmosphere that prevails in all parts of the tomb
  • The venue serves as a perfect place to capture some really good photos, with a phenomenal background of the tomb.
  • Visit the shops and local markets located within the premises, to collect items related to these buildings. 
  • Visit the numerous tombs, each built in its own style, according to the titles of the deceased. 
  • Try out a variety of culinary dishes at the area’s restaurants and pubs. 

Availability Of Guides 

Guides are easily available in the area, as it is a famous tourist place. They need to be paid a particular amount, and they will explain its history and relevance in your preferred language. 

Best Time To Travel 

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Summers should be avoided as Delhi witnesses intense heat at this time of year. The winter months from October to March are ideal for visiting the city, as the climate becomes mild and favorable. This makes the atmosphere of the city suitable for sightseeing. Evenings are a great choice for visiting the tomb and exploring the lush green garden.

How To Reach?

The Humayun Tomb is in the center of the city and can be easily reached by metro. The closest stops are the Race Course and Jorbagh stations. There are many buses that stop on the way through this place as well. The Nizammudin stopping is another way to get to the area by train. Also, there are always enough carts and taxis available to get to the tomb. 

Interesting Facts About Humayun’s Tomb 

Some relevant facts are as follow:

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  • The completion of the construction was supervised during the reign of Emperor Akbar
  • The tomb, made of red sandstone, stands in the middle of a square garden
  • Emperor Humayun is said to have died after falling from the stairs of his palace. 
  • This site was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in  1993. 
  • The interior of most of the chambers is octagonal and has balconies that overlook the big room. 
  • There are said to be about 124 chambers within the complex. 
  • The tomb of the Sufi preacher Nizammudin Auliya is also located inside, making it a preferred place for royalty to be buried as it was believed to be lucky. 

Thus, Humayun’s Tomb is a majestic place with a lot of charm and splendor, that will surely amaze you. A visit is a must for anyone interested in history, culture, and kingdoms. And, even if you aren’t, then also you should visit it because it will be an enriching history lesson and a great getaway. So, make sure to visit it on your next trip to Delhi.

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