Is Video Editing a Career?

A lot of people excel at video editing but do not know if it has any return. “I mean yeah sure I love video editing and I feel I am good at it but I dont know if it has any career prospects”, is this something you have thought to yourself? Then this article is for you. Let us break all the myths and make things very clear, video editing can turn into a full time career and a very lucrative one. There are tonnes of career options where your skill is going to come in handy. If it is something you enjoy, turn it into an enjoyment that pays!

Let us Explore Some Career Paths that are Based on Video Editing


Movie Editor –

A movie editor works on full length creations, ensuring that the movie follows the director’s innovative vision. He/she collects the clips in the right arrangement, cutting together the recording and building the story. The average annual salary of a movie editor is $59000 which is pretty amazing.


Television Studio Editor –

Much of the work that happens in a TV studio is tied in with getting things going continuously. A television studio editor keeps his eye on exchanging between cameras, overlay illustrations, and other visuals that help live broadcasting crowds experience the show. He has to continuously work on edits. The average salary of television studio editor is $70000.


Event Video Editor –

Many occasions, especially weddings, are caught on record for the customers. There’s a lot of work like editing wedding video clips, birthday video clips etc. to go around, and it’s a well known approach to get your beginning in video editing.  Although there is no established salary of an event video editor, but you can grow into this business as per your skills.


Web Video Editor –

A web video editor works on short-structure recordings intended to be distributed on the web. The kinds of customers and topics you can work with are limitless and could be different depending on your niche. You could use various video editing platforms for this. Some examples of the browser sites that you could use are, Wevideo, InVideo, Vivavideo etc.


Animator –

An animator works on motion graphics, and puts the last little details on creations. Adding to the usual video editing skills, they have abilities in effect programs like Adobe After Effects also. A good and established animator can end up earning $70000 annually.


Colourist –

A particular purpose editing job that concentrates on improving the shading and colour setting and other visual settings that give the creation a strong, perfected feel. The average salary of a colourist is around $29000.


These are only some of the famous fields you could choose from, and there is still so much to explore on the unconventional side of this career path. The demand for video editors is likely to grow by about 18 per cent in the coming ten years which is a lot. The growth rate is so much more than the other career options. So keep polishing your skills and it will definitely pay you back.