Jamhuriyyat As-Sudan – Arab World’s Food Basket

Here are some intriguing facts about Sudan – Arab World’s Food Basket!

  1. Sudan – Africa’s and Arab world’s third-largest country

Sudan is Africa’s third-largest country and also the third-largest in the Arab world. It was the largest country in Africa and the Arab world by area before the secession of South Sudan in 2011.

2. Sudan is nicknamed the Arab World’s Food Basket

Sudan is nicknamed the Arab world’s food basket, as it accounts for 45% of arable land in the Arab world. Sugarcane and Cotton are some of the leading crops. Sorghum, millet, and gum are also of significant production.

3. The Souq Al Arabi – Khartoum’s Largest Open Air Market

The architecture of Khartoum cannot be identified by one style or even two styles; it is as diverse as its culture, where 597 different cultural groups meet. Did you know, that the Souq Al Arabi is Khartoum’s largest open air market. The “souq” is spread over several blocks in the center of Khartoum proper just south of the Great Mosque (Mesjid al-Kabir) and the minibus station. It is divided into separate sections, including one focused entirely on gold.

4. Khartoum – The Best Known Mythological Location

Suakin, an iconic and historic place that still touts its medieval past with pride,  was once one of the major staging points for Muslim pilgrims to Arabian Mecca from North Africa. Khartoum is perhaps best known as the mythical location, where the two great strands of the River Nile combine, before heading northwards into the ancient lands of Nubia and Egypt.

5. Lost Oil Reserves

You’d be shocked to know that Sudan lost most of its oil reserves, estimated to be between five to seven billion barrels, when South Sudan seceded. 

6. The Sanganeb National Park – The only Oceanic National Park in Sudan

The first and only oceanic national park in all of Sudan, the Sanganeb National Park is made up of shallow reef habitats that showcase the sheer biodiversity of the Red Sea in all its glory.

7. Sudan has the World’s Largest Collection of Pyramids

Did you know, that Sudan is home to more pyramids than Egypt, giving it the world’s largest collection of pyramids in one place, with over 200 pyramids in total.

8. World’s Largest Producer of Gum Arabic

Sudan is the world’s largest producer of gum Arabic. It exports 70% of the world’s gum arabic from just 20% of its available trees.

9. Deriba Caldera – Highest point in Sudan

Did you know, that Deriba Caldera, that is a part of the Marra Volcanic Mountains, is the highest point in Sudan at an elevation of 3,042 m, located in Darfur in the western part of Sudan?

10. Host of the First African Cup of Nations

Sudan hosted the first African Cup of Nations in 1956 and has won the African Cup of Nations once, in 1970. You’d be surprised to know that the nation’s capital, Khartoum, is home to the Khartoum League, considered to be the oldest football league in Africa.

11. First Muslim and Arab Country to Appoint a Female Judge

Sudan is the first Muslim and Arab country to appoint a female as a judge. This took place in the 1960s. There are at least 67 judges in the Sudanese judiciary today, which is more than any other Arab or Muslim country in the world.

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