7 Sublime Things To Do At Kanha Tiger Reserve

Kanha Tiger Reserve also known as Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India is known throughout the world as it is home to several endangered species. It is also the largest tiger reserve in India and the largest national park in the state. In addition to the Bengal Tiger, there are several barasingha or swamp deer, as well as other mammals in the park, such as leopards, gaur, sloths, Indian jackals, sambar, jungle cats, and langurs. There are also Blackbucks and Indian wild dogs.

There are around 300 species of birds, including resident and migratory birds. Some of these are the Indian gray hornbill, Indian roller, bee-eater, black ibis, peacock, kingfisher, steppe eagle, and many others. There are also reptiles like the python, Russell’s viper, the Indian krait, the common skink, and the Indian monitor. 


The forest is blessed with more than 200 species of flowering plants. Some of these are  Sal, Dhawa, Palash, Mahua, and the Sendhoor or  Vermillion Tree, from which cinnabar is extracted. There are several places to see and many enjoyable things to do in and around Kanha National Park.

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1. Wildlife Safari

Going on a wildlife safari in Kanha National Park is an exciting experience. The park has 4 safari areas which are Kanha, Kisli, Mukki, and Saand. You no longer need to pay more for the Kanha area and the rate is the same for all areas. There are two safaris daily. One in the morning and one in the afternoon until sunset.

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The best time to observe wildlife is early in the morning or after 4:00 p.m. The park remains closed from June 16 to September 30 due to the monsoon season. During the safari, stay alert and calm and who knows, you might see the iconic tiger. 

2. Elephant Safari

The elephant safari is more of a fun ride and takes place in the morning hours. This trip only takes place in the Kisli and Kanha areas. The elephant safari cannot be booked in advance and you cannot find out the details until the morning of the day the safari will take place.

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You should also book jeep safari tickets on the day you want to join the elephant safari. The elephant safari is a pleasant and refreshing experience. You sit high up in the trees and your view is clear in the jungle. These safaris take you to spots inaccessible by the jeep. 

3. Night Safari

The night safari was recently introduced to the park and this safari can only be done in the Khatia buffer zone. Flickering is not allowed and only jeep headlights are allowed. This is to prevent wild animals from being disturbed.

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The duration of the night safari is two hours and its tickets are not available online. Tickets must be purchased at the gate. Night safaris are very popular because of the magnificent views offered by the place at night.

4. Nature Trail

The nature trails in Kanha National Park attract thousands of nature lovers. This is an ideal option for those looking to watch the forest and wildlife on foot. There is a guide, a wildlife expert, who will give you the relevant information about wildlife.

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The wildlife here includes not only wild animals, but also flora, insects, birds, and reptiles. Nature trails only run in the Khatia area of ​​the national park. These trails are enjoyable, exciting, and very informative, and you will have an amazing family time here.

5. Go On A Trek

Trekking is a phenomenal experience here, where you can take your children with you. There are several such trails for hiking and during such a hike one can get acquainted with the different species of birds and trees.

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Trees that are found here are humble bamboo, Sal, Mahua, India Palas, and Aonla. Birds you will see include the Jungle Babbler and the Asian Paradise Flycatcher, along with the Eurasian Blackbird, among many others.

6. Bathing An Elephant

The elephant bathing activity for tourists was reportedly started two years ago in response to an appreciation by tourists, especially foreigners who love this sight. The show is a lot of fun, especially for children.

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When the report came in, there were more than twenty elephants, who used to bathe on the local river. The show took place every afternoon on the banks of the Banjar River, which runs through the Mukki Mountains of the park reserve. 

7. Visit The Kanha Museum 

The Kanha Museum comes under the Forest Department. It is the perfect place for anyone to get information about the topography or other relevant information about the park. It covers a massive area.

And it shows skeletons of various carnivores and reptiles, as well as herbivores. This also contains detailed descriptions of interesting facts and exciting experiences, so it will be of great use to those interested in wildlife. Visitors are advised to see the main show, which happens at night.

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Therefore, Kanha National Park has ample fun and enjoyable activities to offer. This is the most perfect destination to visit with your family for unwinding and exploration. So, make sure that you tick off this location from your bucket list.

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