Best Places In Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon National Park is located in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. It is adjacent to Sequoia National Park. This national park is renowned for the huge sequoia trees that are found there. The most famous is the General Grant Tree in Grant Grove. It is the world’s third-largest tree. This tree is said to be around 3500 years old. It has a height of about 267 feet with 107.6 feet base circumference.

The towering granite canyon walls surround Cedar Grove. It is home to a variety of plants and animals such as rattlesnakes, bears, etc.

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Approximately 556,000 people visit this park every year. Alternatively, people have an enriching experience by visiting this park. People visiting this park can go hiking, canoeing, camping, etc.

A variety of wilderness sites can be visited in the Kings Canyon National Park. Here are some of the places or things that you can do when in Kings Canyon National Park.

Grant Grove Stables

The Grant Grove Stables is a two-hour guided trail horseback ride. The trail goes through the forest which offers spectacular scenic views. It is located near the General Grant Tree in Grant Grove. The visitors can enjoy horseback rides during summers.

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The stables are operated under a concessions permit in the Kings Canyon National Park. It is opened and closed according to the weather conditions. In particular, people visit this place from June to mid-October.

Boyden Cavern

Boyden Cavern is a marble cave that provides a walking tour. This walking tour is done beneath 2000 feet high marble walls of Kings Gate and Windy Cliff. It takes around 50 minutes to complete the walking tour. Apparently, it features stalactites, stalagmites, pendants, flowstones, etc.

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The cavern is short but a steep area. It offers spectacular views of the steepest parts of the Kings Canyon National Park. One should make sure to book the tickets prior to visiting this place.

Grant Grove

The western area of the Kings Canyon National Park is covered by the Grant Grove. It is home to the General Grant Tree. This tree is also referred to as “The Nation’s Christmas Tree”. One can know more about the High Sierras and the giant sequoias situated there.

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In addition, people can book secluded Grant Grove Cabins for a better experience. The Grant Grove Restaurant is the perfect place to have your meals and get refreshed. This place also has a market of its own known as the Grant Grove Market. One can buy basic camping necessities, beer, wine, groceries, and so on from this place.

Cedar Grove

The Cedar Grove offers stunning views of cliffs, the mighty Kings River, the Canyon, and rock formations. It is considered to be the least crowded area of the Kings Canyon National Park. In spite of being the least crowded, it has the best views to offer. It is a 35-mile ride from Grant Grove through the Sequoia National Forest.

In particular, this place is visited majorly from May to October. Tourists are advised to keep some time leisure because of the geographical situation of the area.

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So the next time you plan to visit Kings Canyon National Park, make sure you visit all these places. We hope this article proved to be informative and interesting for you.

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