Adventures To Do In Laguna Beach

Planned a trip to Laguna Beach? Not sure what to do there? We have the perfect list of adventures you can do when you visit this quaint city!

Niched away in coastal Orange County, Laguna Beach is a small seaside city. Famous for its art galleries, coves, and beaches, Laguna Beach is the perfect holiday destination. 

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Spread over an area of just about 25.4 sq. km (9.8 sq. mi), this city has about 2.5 sq. km (0.97 sq. mi) covered with water. Home to 27 beaches and coves, its coastline stretches for about 7 mi (11 km).

This city is bordered by the serene Pacific Ocean on the South-west and is known for its mild climate, making it great for getaways all year round!

How To Get There?

Laguna Beach is easily accessible and hence getting there is not a hassle. You can take a flight to John Wayne Airport, Orange County, where Laguna Beach is just about a 25-minute drive. If you plan on making a road trip, we recommend taking the California Pacific Coast Highway to make your trip even more memorable.

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Where To Stay?

This place being a tourist attraction, has several budget-friendly as well as fancy hotels where you can check in on your trip here. 

You can choose from a sea of options that suit your needs best. Whether a plush 5-star rated hotel or a decent, functional hotel, this place has it all!

Must-do Adventures In Laguna Beach


Wondering what to explore here? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Explore tranquil beaches and unwind yourself as you enjoy some sun-tanning. Places like Main Beach, Crescent Bay, Irvine Cove, Boat Canyon, Oak Street, are some must-visits in the region.

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Try some of the local cuisines and give your tastebuds a treat. Local restaurants like Mountain Lake Resort, The PigPen, Hidden Valley Springs, etc are the best places to try local dishes. Do experience the exceptional art this place is famous for. Bohemian art styles are not to miss when in Laguna Beach! 


Ever gone kayaking in a marine reserve? If not, then this is your chance! Go kayaking to the Laguna Beach State Marine Reserve and have the time of your life! You can explore 12 miles of protected ocean and coast as you glide through in your kayak.

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Laguna Coast Wilderness Park:

Tucked in between one of the last few coastal canyons, the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park is home to oak and sycamore woodlands in this region of California. As visitors trail through 40 miles in the wilderness, they witness some of Laguna’s most scenic beauties.

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Laguna Beach Surf School:

Does surfing seem cool? But you’re not familiar with it? Head over to Laguna Beach Surf School and make memories as you learn the keys to surfing. Learn basic surfing skills and enjoy the rush of surfing in the world’s largest ocean! 

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Marine Mammal Center:

Find marine mammals adorable? Check out Laguna Beach’s Pacific Marine Mammal Center and witness some of the cutest marine mammals. This center protects and conserves the marine mammals of Laguna Beach and places around it. Visit the Pacific Marine Mammal Center and be a part of a bigger cause!

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Visit Laguna Beach and have the trip of your life as you relax and go on many exciting adventures!

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