Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park is situated in northern California and marks itself rich in hydrothermal sites. It offers astounding views of the surrounding wilderness. This national park was established on 9 August 1916 and covers an area of 430.80 km^2. There is numerous network of trails which passes through the forest and connects the Pacific Crest Trail.

Lassen Volcanic National Park lies near the small town of Chester. This place offers crystalline lakes, steaming fumaroles, huge mountains, and flowery meadows. The most important structures of the national park are the striking volcanoes. It is comparatively less known by the people but it is definitely worth visiting.

How To Reach Lassen Volcanic National Park?

One can reach the Lassen Volcanic National Park via State Routes 89 and 44. State Route 36 begins to the south and ends at State Route 44 to the north. The closest airports from Lassen Volcanic National Park are Redding, Sacramento, and Reno. No reservation requests are handled by the park.

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Best Time To Visit Lassen Volcanic National Park

Tourists are advised to visit the national park is between July to October. The roads which pass through the park are opened in July. This happens when the snow melts in the region. During the time of October, the snow starts settling again. It is trickier to navigate the areas in the months of winter. Often, many roads are closed because of snow. Though the period of visiting the park is quite short, this place is worth visiting.

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Adventure in Lassen Volcanic National Park

  • King’s Creek Falls: The King’s Creek Falls is a renowned waterfall located in Lassen Volcanic National Park. It is a famous tourist attraction that has a trail quite similar to Mist Trail. One can witness exquisite wilderness in the King’s Creek Falls trail. The route goes down the stream to a cascade. The landscape of this place is extremely beautiful and soothing. One can come here to simply relax and enjoy the scenery around.
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  • Ridge Lakes Trail: The Ridge Lakes Trail is located inside the Lassen Volcanic National Park. It is a moderate trail that stretches for about 2 miles. This trail is located near Old Station, CA, and has an elevation of around 987 feet. One can enjoy the view of the lake running by the side. Bird watching is also something that can be done here. One can also experience wildflower blooming during the month of July.
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  • Bumpass Hell: The Bumpass Hell is one of the best attractions of the Lassen Volcanic National Park. It is home to the largest concentration of hydrothermal features of the region. It has to be present in the itinerary of visiting the national park. One can find fumaroles, steam vents, boiling springs in the area. The round trip of the Bumpass Hell is a total of 3 miles. Tourists can also see Mount Tehama which erupted 500,000 years ago.
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  • Manzanita Lake: Manzanita Lake was formed due to the rock landslide which had hit Manzanita Creek. The remains and debris of the landslide are known as Chaos Jumbles. It is a place of surreal scenery and is extremely picturesque. The most popular activity of this place is fishing. Here, one can find the Loomis Museum, campground, and the Historic District of Manzanita Lake
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  • Cinder Cone Trail: The Cinder Cone Trail starts at Butte Lake’s parking lot. It is a 2.4-mile hike to the base and a 4-mile hike to the summit on the Cinder Cone Trail. The best time for hiking in this place is from June till November. Through this trail, one can get closer to the dramatic volcano of Lassen Volcanic National Park. The travel gets challenging due to sand-like cinders. But the beauty of this place is bound to leave you mesmerized.
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