LyfDigital Zed Air H3 – Budget Friendly Laptop For Students [2020]

Wondering which laptop to buy since you want the best buy budget friendly laptop? Since you’re a student this is probably your first, second or (if you’re a techie third ever laptop) and you want to make sure that this is the best buy.

I was in a similar situation, and recently purchased the Zed Air H3. I wasn’t sure that this would be the best but ever till now or not. And I’ve used all kinds of laptops from 11 inch atom processor laptops to touchscreen i7 processor laptops that can be really expensive!

Also since the build quality of this laptop (in terms of the feel of the plastic) isn’t the best. Lenovo and HP do much better in that area, but the experience apart from that (the touchpad an screeen – things which really matter) is perfect. I played a video on an HP i7 processor high end laptop, and the same on this one and the experience was better on the Zed Air!

Now the main things that one wants in order to be able to produce great work output using a laptop is:

  • A proper screen resolution so that you can focus. 1080p gets the job done perfectly.
  • A proper size of the screen (a smaller screen doesn’t give you enough real estate to be able to focus perfectly and be productive). A 15.6 inch laptop is ideal. Beyond this it’s going to make the laptop heavy and hard to carry.
  • A great experience using the touchpad
  • Preinstalled windows


Or read further.

I recently purchased the Zed Air H3 (you can use this affiliate link to buy at no additional cost to you) and have pushed the laptop to it’s limits and it’s proved to be great for my business.

Currently as I’m posting this review – the laptop isn’t even available on Amazon but it’s worth the wait if you don’t have any problem waiting.

Since buying this laptop I’ve been able to get so much done in my business, plus I’ve not been needing my spectables. When I had a HP laptop and I had to buy spectacles because it didn’t go well with my eyes. I’ve also used a Mac – which I felt was slightly better than this laptop during night light conditions. But nevertheless going by the factor for budget, this is great. An additional reason I would like to recommend this laptop is because it has 6GB of RAM. Which laptop actually gives value so specifically for the things that are really important in a laptop!

If your priority order for purchasing a laptop is:

Screen & Resolution -> RAM -> Touchpad & Keypad Experience -> Weight and the feel of the plastic is a low priority thing then you can definitely go for this one.

Suppose you’re in a hurry and need to purchase one quick and this one isn’t showing up. Then my second priority recommendations would be.

2nd priority: (changed my mind, couldn’t find something good for that right now – maybe later). Look out for this one on Amazon or Flipkart. Keep tracking. I bought this one from Flipkart but can’t find that link now, seems the stock is over. So I’ve added the amazon link.

Also personally speaking – This is not not a full time tech recommendation site. So you might not find a lot of comparison charts and too many recommendations. It’s just that since this one was a great buy, I thought we could recommend this in a category as a recommendation for students. Cheers!